Palestinian Territories: Go local!

Media in the Palestinian Territories seem to be busy with covering international and internal conflicts; local affairs do not seem to be accommodated in this daily news routine. This is where ‘Go Local!’ stepped in. The innovative initiative combined an interactive online platform with public hearings on issues of local concern, thus providing a platform of interaction and dialogue between state and society.

The core editorial team of the website consisted of journalists and young journalism students from Nablus who were trained in local and online reporting and who developed the concept of the portal. The website creates an online space for citizens to raise pressing issues and provides background dossiers related to public service provision and politics in the municipality. Doing this, the platform gave citizens useful information before and after public hearings that served to underpin the digital debate with real-life discussion and helped to identify solutions to the problems raised.

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'Dooz' – an interactive online platform on local affairs

'Dooz' – an interactive online platform on local affairs

As a first element of the pilot project, a multi-media website called ‘Dooz’ was initiated. And the unique part of it was not only its interactive design allowing for internet users to participate in discussions on the platform, share their views and...
From online to offline participation: Public hearings

From online to offline participation: Public hearings

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Project Overview

Project NameGo local!
CountryPalestinian Territories
ObjectiveJournalists and journalism students create new forms of dialogue with public authorities and citizens about issues of local concern.
Target groupsJournalists from Nablus, journalism students from An-Najah National University, municipal administration officials and municipal politicians from Nablus, young adults (under-30s)
Partners‘Local Governance and Civil Society Development Programme’ (LGP), DW Akademie, An-Najah National University
Overall termOctober 13 - September 14
BudgetEUR 100,000
LinksImplementing GIZ programme An-Najah National University


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