Zambia: Mapping human rights violations

The project supports the Human Rights Commission Zambia (HRC) in collaborating with civil society organizations to map human rights violations. It particularly focuses on human rights in places of detention and on the freedoms of assembly and opinion.

HRC and civil society organizations developed monitoring tools and instruments for the collection of human rights related information in prisons. Also, an interactive online-platform has been established to systematically map human rights violations. In addition, Deutsche Welle Akademie trained journalists and journalism trainers on how to report on human rights issues in a balanced and awareness-raising way.

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A long awaited initiative

A long awaited initiative

Zambia currently doesn’t have a mature mechanism for monitoring the human rights situation. Therefore, the project supported the Human Rights Commission Zambia (HRC) in implementing a monitoring and reporting project in cooperation with various civi...
Reporting human rights issues in Zambia

Reporting human rights issues in Zambia

DW Akademie trained journalists both from Lusaka and the provinces how to report on human rights issues. A production workshop was followed by a train-the-trainers workshop with three local journalists. Afterwards, DW Akademie and the local trainers conducted in-house-trainings in two community radio stations to monitor the implementation of the new skills.
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Project Overview

Project NameMapping human rights violations
ObjectiveInformation about the human rights Situation in Zambia is systematically recorded and made available to the public
Target groupsThe Zambian Population at large, who will benefit from improvements in reporting on human rights issues
PartnersProgramme 'Civil Society participation in governance Reform processes and poverty reduction', DW Akademie, Human Rights Commission, CSO
Pilot phaseOctober 2013 - October 2014, part of the activities continue
BudgetEUR 130,000
LinksZambia Human Rights Commission Caritas Zambia Implementing GIZ Programme


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