South Africa: #EKSE! My Voice, My Safety

Violence and crime are serious problems in South-African society. Young people are considered either the perpetrators or victims of violence, but also hold the key to creating safer communities.

For this reason, the Department of Community Safety of Gauteng Province together with the South African Police Service had established Youth Crime Prevention Desks (YCPD) to involve young people in violence and crime prevention. However, due to a lack of strategic internal and external communication, this volunteer-based structure had not been able to contribute effectively to crime prevention.

Therefore, a social media initiative championed and owned by the youth in selected areas within the Gauteng Province of South Africa was geared towards enhancing their active participation in political decision-making processes through the use of new and traditional media. The project was launched to facilitate dialogue between the youth, their communities and local authorities on issues of violence and crime prevention and was embedded in local structures due to its close cooperation with municipal institutions.

The participating youth desks also got involved in government consultations for their areas’ local integrated development plans, where they presented input gathered through new and traditional media platforms. The pilot municipality Ekurhuleni has already committed to continue supporting the initiative.

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YCPD: #EKSE! My Voice, My Safety, (OV) 4’41”

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Project Overview

Project Name#EKSE! My Voice, My Safety
CountrySouth Africa
ObjectiveYoung People strategically use new and traditional media to strengthen communication about the causes of and solutions to violence and crime, and engage in dialogue with representatives of local authorities to improve local crime prevention policies.
Target groupsYouth (18-30), youth desks, journalists, civil society
Partners‘Inclusive Violence and Crime Prevention for Safe Public Spaces’ Programme (VCP), Gauteng Department of Community Safety, South African Police Service, Community Policing Forum, Youth Crime Prevention Desks Crime Prevention Desk
Overall termAugust 13 - August 14
BudgetEUR 170,000
LinksImplementing GIZ programme Gauteng Department of Community Safety South-African Police Service


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