Ecuador: Under the microscope

About 40% of Ecuadorians belong to one of 14 recognized native ethnic groups. However, this ethnic diversity is not represented in the media, which are mostly located in urban centres and are dominated by commercial interests. Therefore, national media in general and radio stations in particular mainly deal with topics affecting the urban population of the country, thereby neglecting issues concerning indigenous groups in their broadcasts.

The project was thus designed to enhance the media skills of indigenous groups, to encourage more critical thinking about media news coverage and to create a space, in which the problems of indigenous communities may be discussed. A group of indigenous reporters from community media and additional community representatives from urban areas received media training and were sensitized on the (missing) coverage of “indigenous” topics. They were enabled to produce radio broadcasts and spread information regarding the concerns and rights of native ethnic groups via radio as well as new and social media. Doing this, they have successfully drawn attention to topics affecting indigenous communities that had usually been disregarded by the traditional Ecuadorian media.

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Project Overview

Project NameUnder the microscope
ObjectiveThe capacities of indigenous radio reporters with regards to interculturality, media analysis and quality journalism are strengthened.
Target groupsSelected indigenous groups in Ecuador
Partners“Strengthening of indigenous organisations in Latin America (PROINDÍGENA)” Programme, DW Akademie, CORAPE (network of community radio stations), CIESPAL (communications training network)
Overall termNovember 13 - December 14
BudgetEUR 100,000
LinksImplementing GIZ programme CIESPAL CORAPE


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