Burkina Faso: Listen, Participate, Transform – How local radio can make a difference

A citizen being interviewed for the radio show Have you ever wondered why this one radio station is actually your favourite one? For the music it plays? Or for the news and talk shows it presents? Or maybe for this congenial moderator and his witty way of asking questions? At least, it suits your taste and reflects the reality you’re facing. Read more ›
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Guatemala: Knowing the past helps shaping the future

The project “Knowing the past helps shaping the future” facilitates public dialogue in order to encourage justice and reconciliation. Local NGOs conduct thematic events in different locations around the country. They invite young and old to participate in memorial walks, drama workshops, film screenings and talks with contemporary witnesses. Read more ›
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Palestinian Territories: Go local!

Journalism students during a training for 'Dooz'. Media in the Palestinian Territories seem to be busy with covering international and internal conflicts; local affairs do not seem to be accommodated in this daily news routine. This is where ‘Go Local!’ stepped in. The innovative initiative combined an interactive online platform with public hearings on issues of local concern, thus providing a platform of interaction and dialogue between state and society. Read more ›
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The media serve as a platform to inform on and discuss public matters. They give public decision-makers the opportunity to explain the background to a policy and invite the citizens to give their opinion and suggestions on questions of public concern. Doing this, they facilitate dialogue between the people and public institutions and make participation in political decision-making happen. Especially online and social media are well suited to create new forms of dialogue between the government, media and civil society.


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