Bangladesh: Communication and dialogue about anti-corruption

A scene from the radio training (Photo: DWA) Corruption is a serious obstacle to development in Bangladesh. As one of its efforts to curb and prevent corruption, the Bangladeshi government established the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) in 2004. Read more ›
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Serbia: More than just numbers

Data_Driven_Journalism_Belgrade2 Serbian citizens are suffering a lack of information about taxation and therefore understanding of  its purpose and advantages. They are thus not aware of the link between paying taxes and the quality and scope of public services. Read more ›
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As watchdogs, the media are central to uncovering and following up on important matters of public concern. Besides that, government institutions may make use of different kinds of media to get in touch with the public and garner support for the issues and solutions they advocate such as better public spending and the fight against corruption. Thus, one of the functions of the media is to increase transparency and provide in-depth information on these topics.


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