Burkina Faso: Listen, Participate, Transform – How local radio can make a difference

Have you ever wondered why this one radio station is actually your favourite one? For the music it plays? Or for the news and talk shows it presents? Or maybe for this congenial moderator and his witty way of asking questions? At least, it suits your taste and reflects the reality you’re facing.

Exactly this is what Burkinabe local radio stations were missing: only rarely did the topics they featured address the challenges people meet every day. The radio stations also lacked interactive formats where stakeholders could discuss important local development issues.

This is where the project joined in. It supported a systematic analysis of the audience of selected local radio stations and introduced the concept of listeners’ clubs that may participate in designing innovative radio formats. The radio stations, together with listeners and civil society organizations, also developed and piloted innovative, participatory radio programmes with a strong focus on topics of local concern. Doing this, the local radio stations were strengthened in their function as intermediaries and honest brokers of information between the citizens and public institutions.

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Create something new: Be interactive

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Project Overview

Project NameBurkina Faso: Listen, Participate, Transform – How local radio can make a difference!
CountryBurkina Faso
ObjectiveThe role of local radio stations to serve as a platform of exchange and as an intermediary in decision-making processes is strengthened.
Target groupsLocal radio stations, (potential) listeners and citizens of the selected municipalities
PartnersDecentralisation and Municipal Development Programme (PDDC), DW Akademie, journalists’ association “Réseau d’Initiatives de Journalistes” (RIJ), local authorities in the project regions
Overall termAugust 14 – March 15
BudgetEUR 100,000
LinksImplementing GIZ programme, RIJ


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