Bangladesh: Communication and dialogue about anti-corruption

Corruption is a serious obstacle to development in Bangladesh. As one of its efforts to curb and prevent corruption, the Bangladeshi government established the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) in 2004.

Even if communication on (anti-)corruption is an essential part of its work and a useful means to foster corruption prevention, the public relations efforts of the ACC had been less effective. Moreover, it had been reluctant to enter into a genuine dialogue on corruption neither with Bangladeshi citizens nor with the media. Thus, the ACC together with GIZ and DW Akademie launched the project ‘Communication and dialogue about anti-corruption’ in order to step up the ACC’s communication efforts.

The project initiated an exchange between the stakeholders involved in the fight against corruption. Project activities involved supporting the communication work of the Anti-Corruption Commission in new and traditional media as well as training for journalists to foster fact-based reporting. Besides that, a jointly advertised anti-corruption media award brought together the ACC with journalists and civil society representatives to produce criteria for high-quality reporting on corruption.

Further Readings
Ayna - the Mirror: an interactive radio show on corruption

Ayna - the Mirror: an interactive radio show on corruption

Exchange and direct dialogue was also the rationale behind the third component of the project: an interactive radio show focusing on corruption prevention issues.
Professional news coverage on (anti-)corruption

Professional news coverage on (anti-)corruption

Corruption is always good for a scoop, but balanced news coverage on the topic is hard to find in Bangladeshi media. Therefore, a second string of the ‘Promoting communication and dialogue about anti-corruption’ project attended to ethics and hig...
The Anti-Corruption Commission reaching out to the public

The Anti-Corruption Commission reaching out to the public

As the fight against corruption can only be successful if all relevant stakeholders join forces, it is vital for the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) to get in touch with journalists, citizens and civil society groups. The project supported the ACC in...
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Project Overview

Project NameCommunication and dialogue about anti-corruption
ObjectiveJournalists, the Anti-Corruption Commission and citizens enhance national dialogue on (anti-)corruption.
Target groupsAnti-Corruption Commission, journalists, journalists' associations, civil society, universities
Partners'Promoting Political Human Rights and the Fight against Corruption through Judicial and Prison Reform' Programme, Anti-Corruption Commission, Press Institute of Bangladesh (PIB), universities, radio stations
Overall termSeptember 13 - August 14
BudgetEUR 150,000
LinksImplementing GIZ programme ACC PIB ABC Radio


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