We welcome you on behalf of the Academy for International Cooperation (AIZ) of GIZ in this collaborative experiment!


Read the Welcome letter from Brigitta Villaronga
Head of AIZ's Leadership Development Unit.



Leadership Development as a Journey

Leadership Development Programmes at GIZ are designed as leadership journeys -  consciously avoiding the term 'training'. Today’s complex global challenges require new leadership capacities: embracing diversity and building collaboration in order to develop innovative approaches with the potential for transformation. We believe that leadership, in the sense that we understand it, is not a question of training, but of embodying certain values and acting from a certain inner core (mindset, attitude, meaning and purpose). This 7-week open online course “Leadership for Global Responsibility” invites you – and open minds for change from all over the world – to go on this leadership journey with us. Bring your challenges and stories, learn from each other and collaborate on creative solutions. 

Before the Journey Starting the Journey Exploring the Outer World Exploring the Inner World Exploring the Inner World Enacting the New Continuing the Journey

Each week of the course will be associated with a stage in the Leadership Journey shown above. Some parts of the Journey will be navigated alone and other parts will be navigated together. All stages will be geared towards International Diversity, Collaboration, Transformation and Innovative Collective Action! So step into each week. Or find out how the course works before.

You will embark on this journey with international experts, experienced practitioners and regional facilitators from around the world. As any journey to the unknown, it holds unpredictable discoveries, challenges and encounters- the road changes the travellers and the way they see, interpret and act in the world. This online course is the first online version of the leadership journey. Let's go on this adventure and co-create this prototype together!