6. Continuing the Journey

The Leadership Journey is a continuous exploration of oneself and Leadership for Global Responsibility requires constant reflection, adaptation and growth. Last week was action oriented and focused on imagining new ways of organizing the world we live in. You shared your thoughts on how to translate ideas into action. This week will focus on strengthening these ideas that emerged during the journey, planning their implementation and unleashing their limitless potential to transform spaces within it. Developing and implementing meaningful innovation takes time, perseverance and a supporting environment. This week, participants will mutually support and guide to imagine real world application in their regions and countries.

Connect with fellow participants with similar interest, carry the relationships formed during the MOOC to new levels and find ways of moving towards leadership for global responsibility beyond the MOOC. The MOOC Space will be open for three more months. So if you have missed something or want to listen (again),to e.g. some webinars, feel free to do so. Nevertheless, for discussions beyond the MOOC, we invite all MOOCers to continue the journey and all initiatives that arose within it in our Leadership network, the LeadershipLAB, www.giz.de/leadership-lab! The Lab is the place to further discuss, share and blog on topics related to global challenges, leadership development, transformational scenarios and social innovation worldwide. It provides the platform to further elaborate your prototypes within our global responsible leadership community and continue the direct exchange within future webinars. The content created during this MOOC will find its way to the LAB and will be available on our platform.

The LAB is the opportunity to stay also in contact with your fellow MOOCers and the MOOC Team. We are continuously designing and implementing face-to-face leadership journeys and modules in collaboration with diverse partners worldwide and are constantly enlarging and enriching our facilitation community. Currently, we are preparing a facilitation for facilitator (F4F) journey to co-create elements and modules of an innovative curriculum.

The MOOC as our online leadership journey is a great complementary possibility for us to enlarge our community and collaborate beyond its terminated duration. The most important parts of the MOOC will be harvested for the planned revision of our Leadership ToolBox 2.0, to be released in 2014. The collaborative writing adventure is one of such further collaboration activities contributing to this revision. It is a harvesting and co-creation project beyond the MOOC that started in Week 5 and that we still invite you to join. It will be continued in the LeadershipLAB.

If you have any further ideas of collaborative ideas beyond the MOOC, feel free to share them with us in the Treasures of Week forum. Perhaps the collaboration beyond the MOOC is even one of your selected prototypes. Get active and stay in touch with us!

Reflect and Connect

Last week we already started the prototyping process and will dedicate in our last week of the MOOC more space and time to do so. If you didn’t start creating your prototype so far,  it is still time to do so now. If you already started, take time to reflect and think of first concrete steps to translate your prototype idea into action! Have a look on your fellow MOOCers and see, if you can support their process by giving feedback and/or invite them to provide feedback to your own ideas and explore further what you can learn and share to co-create the change you want to feel in the world!

The visible sharing of your prototype idea in the forum is this week mandatory, if you are aiming to receive a certificate after the MOOC. Make yourself (even more) visible and heard on the MOOC platform to your fellow MOOCers!

We invite ALL MOOC travellers to:

  1.) Translate your prototype idea into action! Test with fellow MOOCers, reflect and use the feedback to improve your prototype.

If you didn’t start so far go back to week 5 and:

Create and Share your Prototype - Focus exactly on your individual and/or collectively emerging new ideas and present prototypes individually or as a group to the MOOC audience. Then translate your prototype idea into action.

And - if your prototype idea feels to be directly connected to the MOOC community or you want to keep in touch after the MOOC. Please check whether this invitation resonates with you: Join a collaborative writing experiment to connect for collaborative action after the MOOC!  

Have fun - enjoy your process of creativity and collaboration with fellow MOOCers!


Webinar: Closing Ceremony (Thu, 8 May)

8 May 2014, 13:00-14:15 UTC / GMT (check your local time)
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Please check your settings to enter the Saba Meeting room with this Saba Meeting Guide beforehand.


Share your leadership practice case in the forum Help us build a toolbox on leadership for global responsibility Collect highlights and treasures of the week for everyone to enjoy


Please have a look on our collection of “basic documents” that are an iteration of Week 5 - Enacting the New. If you are still curious and interested to get an idea how online communities can be strengthened, like our LeadershipLAB, please have look on the Peeragogy Handbook as a further reading.

  Basic Readings

  Further Reading:  Online communities as our LeadershipLAB are the places to connect with each other and develop strong communities and collaborations. But, what factors influence the success of such networks?

If you are interested to learn in this regard more on the interesting field of "peeragogy", a fusion of peer learning and the traditional way of teaching/ pedagogy. Please have a look on the Peeragogy Handbook.


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