5. Enacting the New

Social Innovation is one of the core competency domains of our emerging Leadership Approach. Linking competencies to action allows for the emergence of transformational processes that can contribute to change the world. Contemporary global challenges require innovative solutions and new ways of addressing old and new problems. The traditional ways of how innovations are generated, however, are no longer relevant where specific divisions of an organisation are tasked with creating solutions that may only serve the commercial interests of a selective audience. What is needed is a holistic perspective that drives social innovation in an integrated way, grounded in ethical values and involving a broad range of actors in the process to create solutions that serve the broader society.

This week gives you the opportunity to consolidate the new knowledge, approaches, values and competencies gained and shared during the MOOC. The last two weeks, we slowed down to connect with the outside world and our inner world.  We reflected upon our current situations in life, and increased our awareness of future fields of possibilities. Let’s enact the new that emerged during the last weeks of our joint Leadership Journey! Now, we will start the process of prototyping. The new depends on the idea. In the early stages of prototyping it helps to take a creative and practical approach, e.g. creating a visual representation of your idea using materials such as clay, paper, etc. – accessing the ‘wisdom of your hands’.

You should clarify whether you develop a joint prototype in a small group or on your own. During the MOOC, you have met participants from other organisations, countries or regions  and many of you have already formed and /or participated in a group together, discussing around a topic or core question. You might decide to invite group members to work together on a prototype. Go back also to your leadership challenge which you formulated at the beginning of your leadership journey in the MOOC. The prototype can also be a new aspect, a new inspiration you add to an existing project/an existing challenge which helps to move this forward enriched by a new perspective.

This week is about coming into a mood of reflective action. We invite you to work concentrated on your MOOC prototype and make your ideas visible to other MOOC participants to get feedback from them. Next week you will have time for further testing, refining and/or first implementation steps.

The visible sharing of your prototype idea in the forum is this week mandatory, if you are aiming to receive a certificate after the MOOC. Make yourself (even more) visible and heard on the MOOC platform to your fellow MOOCers!  

Reflect, Act, and Connect

Last week we already started to reflect upon first ideas of a possible prototype during the U-journaling exercise and/or the sculpturing practice. Helpful tools to support the reflective process of creating ideas around the prototype. We recommend to go back to this exercise if you have not done it yet here. 

  Share the story of your prototype and visualize it with pictures ( e.g. a picture of your “sculpture”) or a short video in the forum. For guidance see shape and describe your prototype and the tips for video. 

And/ or, if your prototype idea feels to be connected with the broader MOOC community or you want to keep in touch after the MOOC … Please check whether the following invitation resonates with you:

  Join a collaborative writing experiment to connect for collective action beyond the MOOC! 

Have fun - enjoy your process of creativity and collaboration with fellow MOOCers!


Webinar: The Story of Leadership (Thu, 1 May)

1 May 2014, 13:00-14:15 UTC / GMT (check your local time)
More Information | Attend

Open Space: Prototype Presentations (Mon, 5 May)

5 May 2014, 13:00-14:15 UTC / GMT (check your local time)
More Information | Attend

Please check your settings to enter the Saba Meeting room with this Saba Meeting Guide beforehand.


Share your leadership practice case in the forum Help us build a toolbox on leadership for global responsibility Collect highlights and treasures of the week for everyone to enjoy


Please have a look on our collection of “basic documents” directly linked to the content and process of this week as well as further reading material for everybody, who would love to discover more.

  Basic Readings

  Further Readings if your mind is curious to discover more.



1. Prototyping:  GIZ launched in 2013 the Change Leadership Award, that rewarded courageous projects, so called prototypes, that were designed to influence change on the systemic, institutional and/or individual level. Please find a selection of the submitted videos.

2. Digital storytelling refers to a short form of digital media production that allows everyday people to share aspects of their life story. "Media" may include the digital equivalent of film techniques (full-motion video with sound), animation, stills, audio only, or any of the other forms of non-physical media (material that exists only as electronic files as opposed to actual paintings or photographs on paper, sounds stored on tape or disc, movies stored on film) which individuals can use to tell a story or present an idea, like your prototype of this week.

Prototype - "Solar Loop" (5:43)Prototype description for Manuel Arredondo -Mexico - one of five Change Leadership Award winners, “Solar Loop – Empowering students in renewable energy”, of GIZ's Education for Sustainable Development program. Prototype - "Camino Ciudadano" (4:20)Prototype description for Diego Angelino - Mexico, “Camino Ciudadano – Citizenship youngsters”, of GIZ's Managing Global Governance program.
Prototype - “Energy detectives hotel” (6:13)Prototype description for Thea Holm - South Africa, “Energy detectives hotel”, of GIZ's Education for Sustainable Development program. Digital Storytelling - Klaus Althoff (2:02)        Klaus Althoff shares his experinces with the Leadership Journey during the Development Diplomacy program of GIZ in this short digital storytelling movie.
Digital Storytelling - Christine Blome (2:58)Christine Blome, part of our global leadership community, shares her personal Leadership Journey in this short digital storytelling movie.

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