4. Exploring the Inner World II

As we move into the second week of inner world exploration- we are sensing into the future as it emerges. In the past weeks, you started your journey, shared your personal leadership challenges, explored the outside world and dove into your inner world by discovering and reflecting personal and collective values.

This week, we invite you to sink deeper: Take your journal to a quiet space and follow the trail of the U-Journaling Practice. Gain perspective through mindfulness meditation and reflection. Connect with your inner purpose by asking the questions:

  • Who am I? What is my aim in this world?

  • What is my vision and intention regarding leadership for global responsibility?

Next week, we will step into Enacting the New. You’ll get a chance to work on and share your first ideas of a prototype with other participants and get feedback. Read more: What is a prototype?

Reflect & Connect

We invite ALL MOOC travellers to:

   Take time for the U-Journaling Practice. You have two options:
a) Follow along with others in the webinar on Thursday.
b) Do it as a self-guided practice.

   Experiment with Meditation and Mindfulness this week. Bring your own practice, or follow this guidance


Extra challenge for the deep leadership journey:

   Optional: Create a sculpture to crystallise new qualities, insights and intentions. No need to be an artist. Follow this guidance.



Webinar: U-Journaling (Thu, 24 April)

24 April 2014, 13:00-14:15 UTC / GMT (check your local time)
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Open Space: Sensing into the future as it emerges (Mon, 28 April)

28 April 2014, 13:00-14:15 UTC / GMT (check your local time)
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Please check your settings to enter the Saba Meeting room with this Saba Meeting Guide beforehand.


Share your leadership practice case in the forum Help us build a toolbox on leadership for global responsibility Collect highlights and treasures of the week for everyone to enjoy


  Basic Reading

"Being continuously reflective of self, others and the world around us enables us to foresee possible consequences of our actions and track back the results of our action and thus take responsibility. In addition to reflect after an action the competency to reflect while being in action is necessary for leaders to operate in continuously changing environments."

From: Christine Wank/Mohan Dhamotharan: Strengthening Leadership Capabilities for Sustainable Development. Leadership Study directed on behalf of GIZ Academy for International Cooperation (to be published in 2014).

  Reading recommendations if your mind is curious to discover more.


U-Journaling - Diego Angelino (5:33)
Please have a look at the presentation of the Leadership Tool "U-Journaling" by our regional facilitator and MOOC participant Diego Angelino from Mexico. Learn more about how his interpretation and use of the tool.
Reflection in Leadership Development (1:35)  Mohan Dhamotharan shares about reflection in Leadership Development, how it supports you to slow down and to get into an inner dialogue with yourself, e.g. its power within the U-Journaling exercise.
Vision Mandala- Leadership Tool (4:51)
    Vision Mandala is a leadership tool designed to enable a group of diverse people to collaborate in crystallizing a desired future. It blends the past, future and now.
Piano Stairs..creative engineering  (2:05)   As a short inspiration and outlook to our upcoming next week "Enacting the new", have a look on how small, but creative, ideas can bring new perspectives, joy and change.