2. Exploring the Outside World

Congratulations, you reached another important phase of your Leadership Journey! This week you will connect your journey with the world around you. How is your leadership challenge connected to the outside world? - What are the specific leadership issues in the sector you are engaged with?

Leadership capacities are always connected to your personal challenges and working environment. They need to be relevant and applicable in your every day life as they influence the way you work and the way you communicate.  Linking leadership development with contemporary global challenges is one of the major objectives of the MOOC leadership journey.

Like Peter Senge mentioned during our opening webinar: ...first (competency) is the ability to see the larger system... There are always stakeholders I am not in touch with... The "principle of unattended consequences" is  part of the discipline of seeying the larger system... Reinforce humility: no one sees the whole picture ...one of the greatest dangers is arrogance..." (refers to minute 12 -15 of the webinar).

What has happened so far: In the last two weeks we invited you to reflect about your personal leadership challenges, also by the support of your individual learning journal, and to choose one of the four competency domains you want to focus on during this course. If you work on a concrete question, challenge or project, you will see and feel the development and change during this leadership journey and get the opportunity to implement new and/or further ideas around this challenge. If you have not done it yet, it is still time to do so. 

This week you are invited to dive deeper into your personal learning focus and connect it with the global and local leadership issues you face. To do so, you can choose one of the sectors below.

What comes next: The next two weeks will guide you to the exploration of your inner world, the deep dive into our core, mindset and values, as described in the emerging GIZ Leadership Approach Leadership for Global Responsibility. Questions are: How are my leadership challenges in a specific sector related to my inner world? What do they mean to me and how do they influence my acting and feeling? Let's see what new ideas and initiatives will emerge! This exploration will bring us closer to the point, where the new can be enacted on a higher level. Week 5  "Enacting the New", will be for us all to create new narratives, ideas, and initiatives as prototypes which are relevant for us personally and the challenges of our sectors.

Explore global and local leadership issues in a specific sector

This week aims to locate and explore the universality of these challenges as well as their intricacies and specificities. Please concentrate on the one sector that calls you most or that you would like to learn more about:

If none of the sectors resonates with you, please feel free to explore any other sector of your choice on your own pace and invite others to join you.

Reflect and Connect

As experienced last week, personal interaction with fellow travelers will make it easier for you to identify your personal leadership challenge and find out how to travel this journey.

1. Conduct a dialogue interview with a peer: Meet with another participant to reflect on and sharpen your personal learning journey connected to the leadership issues. Find guidance for your Dialogue Interviews.

2. Share your thoughts about leadership issues with other MOOC travelers in the sector specific forum.

 3. Update your learning journal for individual reflections. Or start your learning journal (see instructions). 


Share your leadership practice case in the forum Help us build a toolbox on leadership for global responsibility Collect highlights and treasures of the week for everyone to enjoy


Join other change makers as they explore leadership issues in the webinars this week.

Please check your settings to enter the Saba Meeting room with this Saba Meeting Guide beforehand.

Open Space: Leadership Issues - Responsible Business                    Diagnosing Leadership Issues with the Globally Responsible Leadership Diagnostic (GRID) with Marielle Heijltjes, Mark Drewell and John North (GRLI)


Mon 14 April 2014, 13:00-14:15 UTC / GMT (check your local time)
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Webinar: Leadership Issues – Universal Health Coverage with Martin Kalungu-Banda and Kai Strähler-Pohl

Wed 9 April 2014, 16:00-17:15 UTC / GMT (check your local time)
| Chat Log | Recording

Webinar: Leadership Issues – Urban Challenges with Peter Gotsch and Josette Cole

Thu 10 April 2014, 13:00-14:15 UTC / GMT (check your local time)
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Webinar: Leadership Issues – Water Resource Management with Amalia Wulansari (Fri, 11 April)

Fri 11 April 2014, 07:00-08:15 UTC / GMT (check your local time)
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NEW! Webinar: Leadership Issues – International Climate Policy and Global Cooperation with Dr. Hermann E. Ott (Fri, 11 April)

11 April 2014, 14:30-15:45 UTC / GMT (check your local time)
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