Open Space: Sensing into the future as it emerges (Mon, 28 April)

28 April 2014, 13:00-14:15 UTC / GMT (check your local time) 

Exploring the Inner World is intended to give you a quiet space for reflection. What has emerged during this time and how does it drive your journey ahead? During the U-Journaling, we asked the question: "What vision and intention do you have for yourself and your work? What are some essential core elements of the future that you want to create in your personal, professional, and social life?" In this Open Space session, we invite you to share your answers, and the questions that remain. Leadership for Global Responsibility connects core leadership capacities with collective action oriented innovation.  Together, we'll sharpen these ideas – and bring clarity to the next steps, preparing to "Enact the New" next week.

Facilitator: Raisa Cole and Sascha Wolff 

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