Open Space: Leadership Issues – Responsible Business “Diagnosing Leadership Issues with the Globally Responsible Leadership Diagnostic (GRID)” (Mon, 14 April)

14 April 2014, 13:00-14:15 UTC / GMT (check your local time)

The  Globally Responsible Leadership Initiative ( brings together an international multi-sector community - leaders, practitioners, professionals, academics and the next generation – to create awareness of the need and urgency for responsible global action and to equip individuals, organizations and societies to respond to this call.

In 2005 the GRLI’s first report, “A Call for Engagement”, identified the need for deep systemic change in business and recognized that this change needed to take place at the personal, organizational and systemic levels. This timely message, reinforced by a number of subsequent publications and projects, took root to the extent that calls for such leadership as the aspirational “new normal” became central to the global discourse on ensuring sustainable human progress. GRLI stewards the 50+20 vision of Management Education for the World, pioneered Whole Person Learning and developed the GRID which we will work with during the open space session.  

The GRID is a diagnostic which gives both organizations and individuals a powerful structure and guidance approach to think and talk about their globally responsible leadership behavior and actions. Participants will also have an opportunity to locate themselves on the GRID and experience practical interaction with the diagnostic.

Guests: Marielle Heijltjes, Mark Drewell, John North (Globally Responsible Leadership Initiative)
Facilitator: Kristina Gubic