How the course works

Nice to have you as companion on our joint Leadership Journey! You will embark on this Journey with international thought leaders such as Peter Senge, Otto Sharmer, Maja Göpel, Dirk Messner and others as well as Regional Facilitators and alumni from around the world. To get a clearer overview of what you can expect in the MOOC, please find a short summary on how we created the framework and how each of you is able to contribute yourself.

The structure of the course

Before the Journey Starting the Journey Exploring the Outer World Exploring the Inner World Exploring the Inner World Enacting the New Continuing the Journey

The structure of each week

Tuesday         Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday Monday
Week starts!       
Newsletter and Input
Self-Exploration Live event
Self-Exploration Self-Exploration Self-Exploration Live event
Open Space                     

The MOOC weeks start with the Newsletter: You receive the overview of your learning opportunities for the week:

  • Reflect & Connect A reflective exercise will help you move forward on your own leadership journey. You can do this exercise on your own or link up with peers from your region (or anywhere in the world). To meet your own learning needs and availability, we provide two types of weekly assignments. One to be done by all participants (ca. 30 minutes) and one for the those who want to deepen the learning (ca. 2 hours). In additions to these assignment course material to guide your Leadership Journey will be provided on these platforms
  • Read and Watch Videos and reading material of the week
  • Participate (Online Live Events) Webinars and Open Spaces 

In webinars you meet leadership experts and practitioners to deepen your learning.

The Open Space on Monday will provide the venue for you to present, discuss or develop a topic of your choice. The focus is on interaction with the theme of the week, each other and the guests.

If you might have technical problems at any stage, please try to solve them with the help of our FAQs, or post your question as a new topic in the Find and offer help forum. We will support you as soon as possible and encourage everybody to use the forum to support each other, too.

There is a variety of spaces for conversation and connection.  We invite you to reflect about  treasures you have found each week and share them with others. These can be positive surprises, new ideas and inspirations from other people.

Contributions of own work cases and/or tools are very welcome. Please feel free to share your own work cases in the space for Project Cases. Everybody is invited to learn, help and share experiences.

Our regional facilitators will be the hosts and guides for regional groups. Additionally, many volunteers expressed their interest to support the MOOC as a regional facilitator. To get a clearer view how this task could look like, please have a look on our guidance on How to join or build a peer group.

Two continuous processes invite you to start co-creation with us throughout the whole MOOC:

  1. Feel free to comment on our Leadership tools, to discuss them and to share your own tools with us and the MOOC crowd in the forum.
  2. As of week 1, co-create with us in a first step our provided leadership competency domain definitions. Your comments are welcome to learn more about your own perceptions and to share them with the community. In a second step, we aim to consolidate your feedback and develop  joint definitions.

All insights and learnings of the MOOC will influence the next version of our dynamic ToolBox, to be published soon after the MOOC.