Course Logistics
  • How can I contact the MOOC team?

Please post your questions or remarks in the forum here by adding a new topic.

  • How can I get help with a technical problem or report an error in the course materials?

Please post your questions or remarks in the forum here by adding a new topic

  • How do I get hold of Regional Facilitators in my area?

Please contact the regional facilitators directly in the regional forums that they are responsible for. If there is no regional group yet, why not create one? 

Course Material
  • Can I download the videos?

All videos are available via our youtube channel. Unfortunately, it is not possible to download them.

  • How can I produce short videos myself

We would love to integrate your own videos to the MOOC Space. This can be within all fora during assignments and peer group discussions by sending the link or via our social media channels facebook and twitter. Just feel free to produce and share. To support you in doing so, please find our manual how this could look like. Manual - Film making.

  • What are the copyright standards for MOOC content?

The Leadership MOOC is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License, excluding the published external papers of the reading section.

  • Will I have access to course material once the MOOC is over?

The course material will be published unter a creative commons license and will remain to the public, excluding the published external papers of the reading section. However, postings, profile settings and the work in teams will only remain available for three months after the course for those registered.

Assignments and Certificates
  • How do assignments work?

The descriptions will be published weekly on Tuesdays. Depending on how much time you have, you can choose your assignments. You should plan with a time availability of 30 minutes per week for the general assignments and about 2 hours a week for a deep journey. You can take this choice each week anew. For an intensive learning experience, we recommend to spend a little more time.

  • Will I get university credit for taking this course?

University credits compatible with individual universities are unfortunately not available. It would be up to you to work with your university of affiliation to determine whether this course can be recognised as part of your curriculum or not.

  • Will I receive a certificate for my participation?

There will be two levels of  certificates:

  1. Certificate: Participant of the MOOC “Leadership for Global Responsibility” – for participants who participated in at least 6 of the 7 assignments in the forum.
  2. Certificate: Fellow of the MOOC “Leadership for Global Responsibility” – for people who participated in a peer group until week 6.

In week 6, participants will be asked to fill in a closing survey. This survey has the dual purpose of evaluating the MOOC and provide a self-assessment for the certificates.

Peer groups will be asked to co-create a reflection document in week 6, including:

  • The list of active people in the group
  • Most important learnings
  • Next steps for them

The MOOC Team will spot-check the survey answers (to confirm the self-assessment), and send certificates by mail to those that fulfil the criteria.

  • Can I join the course after it has already started?

You are always welcome to join and contribute to the course after it starts. However, you may not be able to fulfil all required activities to obtain a certificate of completion at the end of the course.

Forum and Learning Groups
  • How do I join or create a group?

Please follow this link

  • How should I use the discussion forums?

The discussion forums will be used for different purposes. On the one hand to fulfill the weekly assignments that happen in peer groups and on the other hand for discussions that will accompany us during the whole MOOC, like the discussions on our leadership competency domains here.

  • How can I report inappropriate forum behaviour?

We have an existing code of conduct. Please have a look at it and if the behavior is really not appropriate, please send an e-mail to the MOOC-team leadership-mooc@giz.de

Live Events: Webinars, Open Spaces
  • What are the technical requirements to  join a live event?

For the webinars with experts and moderators from all over the world we use a tool called Saba Meeting. This tool offers opportunities for presentation, video- and audio transmission, chats and polls. You will find a link to this tool on the course website and in the mails you receive. Simply click on this link to enter the webinar room. However, technical requirements might turn out tricky! Please test your system beforehand as it will be to late to sort out problems once the webinar is about to start! Please note that to participate in the webinar you must have the following:

  • Java installed;
  • a functioning headset; and
  • a reliable internet connection with Internet LAN-Cable. WiFi sometimes doesn't offer a stable connection.

Click here to test your system! You might download here a quick guide on the use of the system. You’ll find more information on the Saba Meeting on the YouTube Channel of GIZ Global Campus.

  • What can I do if I can’t participate in a live event?

Every MOOC session will be published as video on the MOOC space within 48 hhours.

  • Will all webinars be in English?

Even though the MOOC is completely offered in English, we would be happy to have many languages and nationalities represented in it. Non-native English speakers should be able to read texts in English and follow conversations and video lectures. If you have trouble understanding some terms, you can always use an online translator (e.g., Google Translate, wordreference.com), adjust the video speed or start a study group for speakers of your native language.

  • What is an Open Space and how can I offer one myself?

Open Spaces are self-organized spaces for learners to explore their leadership challenges or to engage with questions raised during the course. The MOOC Team will offer one slot for a facilitated open space session once a week on Monday from 15:00-16:15 CET (time can be adjusted week by week). These spaces are meant to involve alumni and participants to engage around their own case studies and leadership tools. And we are searching here for volunteers to provide you the floor, so if you would like to host such an Open Space session, let us know by mail to leadership-mooc@giz.de. Please include a suggested description, date and time.

Account Issues
  • How can I change the name or email address on my account?

For this MOOC,  please got to MY MOOC > MY PROFILE. There you will be able to change or add to your profile. Changing the profile on the MOOC site will not change your profile on the GC21 Global Campus.


If you don't find your answer in this list, find help here.