Join or build a peer group

This MOOC intends to be a facilitation platform for connections between minds for change, transformation doers and people who want to enhance their leadership abilities. We encourage you to build learning groups as a venue for exchange, network-building and future co-creation.

Important: If you have decided to take the extra challenges for the deep leadership journey, exchange in peer learning groups is strongly recommended. Find your travel mates and meet on a regular basis!

You may look for people from your region, with similar or completely different leadership challenges, etc. So don't wait any longer and join or build your peer group!

Two options:

1. Join an existing group

Scroll down and take a look at the groups listed beneath the text. If you find a group that you want to join, open the group, and find out more. To become part of the group click  ‘Join group’ and introduce yourself to your peers. (note: peer groups are created by fellow minds for change, the list will grow over time.)

2. Start a group yourself

If you don't find a group for yourself in the list and you want to commit yourself to take care of a peer learning group, start your own!

Please note: The name and the description of your group are the invitation for others to join.

  • Please give your group a meaningful name. For example: "Social Innovators in Colombia",  "Meet-Up in Delhi", "Leading Communities for Change". 
  • Use the description to share your intention for the group. What is the purpose of the group and who should join? Both is shown in the list below and will help your peers to make their choice.
  • Please respect the code of conduct and join the playground for group creators to find help, info, and inspiration for hosting a group.
  • Ready? Click on "Create Group"

Enjoy the journey - together!

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