Week 5: Develop a Scenario

During the first few weeks of the course, we looked at ecosystem services and considered the various valuation methods. Now, it is time to put those theories into practice. Throughout the next few weeks, you will generate a cost-benefit-analysis of your ecosystem case-study that compares the existing situation with a new potential scenario. 

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Assignment 4 gives you the opportunity to develop a new scenario for your ecosystem. The scenario must have two goals: it must prevent land degradation (or improve the quality of the land) and it must better the livelihood of the poorer stakeholders. Find out more in the >Contents section. This team assignment is due on April 12.

We have reviewed your second assignment submissions. Feedback will be posted on Tuesday in your team's section.


You will find the recorded live events in each week's content section.

Join us at our next live-event, April 2, 2014 at 3.30 pm CET with Prof. Dr. Hans Hurni, University of Bern. He will explain how to do a cost-benefit-analysis using the case of the Ethiopian Highlands.  More

Last week, we had a lively exchange with Hannes Etter who introduced us to three different valuation methods using case-studies from Namibia, Kenya and Spain. The recordings and his powerpoint presentation are now available online: More

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