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UNU-INWEH is continuously in the act of compiling a database consisting of case studies, research publications, reports, policy-briefs, websites and other documents focused on the work and development of drylands and dryland management. This assiduous approach combines several disciplinary perspectives, and is intended for public usage: Go to database

Production losses
Bishop, J. and Allen, J., 1989. The on-site cost of soil erosion in Mali. Environment Working Paper No. 21. The World Bank, Washington D.C. >Link

Alfsen, K.H., De Franco, M.A., Glomsrød, S. and Johnsen, T., 1996. The cost of soil erosion in Nicaragua. Ecological Economics. 16(2): 129-145. > Link

Hedonic pricing
King, D.A. and Sinden, J.A., 1988. Influence of soil conservation on farm land values. Land Economics. 64(3): 242-255. Link

Travel cost method
Navrud, S. and Mungatana, E.D. Environmental valuation in developing countries: The recreational value of wildlife viewing. Ecological Economics. 11: 135-151  Link 

Blamey, J., Rolfe, J., Bennett, J. and Morrison M. 2000. Valuing remnant vegetation in Central Queensland using choice modelling. The Australian Journal of Agriculture and Resource Economics. 44(3): 439-456.

Simple cost-benefit analysis
De Groot, R.S., J. Blignaut, S. Van Der Ploeg, J. Aronson, T. Elmqvist, and J. Farley. 2013. "Benefits of Investing in Ecosystem Restoration." Conservation Biology 27:1286-1293.

A bit more advanced
Birol, E., P. Koundouri and Y. Kountouris (2010). "Assessing the economic viability of alternative water resources in water-scarce regions: Combining economic valuation, cost-benefit analysis and discounting." Ecological Economics 69(4): 839-847.

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