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Additional Literature (Available free of charge)

Ecosystem services
Costanza, R., R. D'arge, R. de Groot, S. Farber, M. Grasso, B. Hannon, K. Limburg, S. Naeem, R. V. O'Neill, J. Paruelo, R. G. Raskin, P. Sutton and M. van den Belt (1997). "The value of the world's ecosystem services and natural capital." Abstract: Nature 387: 253 – 260

Identifying and valuing externalities
Schaafsma, M. and G. Cranston (2013). The Cambridge Natural Capital Leaders Platform: E.Valu.A.Te Practical Guide, How to Perform an Environmental Externality Assessment,

Production losses
Bishop, J. and Allen, J., 1989. The on-site cost of soil erosion in Mali. Environment Working Paper No. 21. The World Bank, Washington D.C.
The on-site cost of soil erosion in Mali

Contingent Valuation method
Ngugi, G.W., Newton, L.E. and Muasya, A.M., 2011. The contribution of forest products to dryland household economy: The case of Kiang’ombe hill forest, Kenya. Ethnobotany Research and Applications. 9: 163-180.

Choice experiment
Do, T.N., 2007. Impacts of dykes on wetland values in Vietnam’s Mekong River Delta: A case study in the Plain of Reeds (PhD Thesis). Economy and Environment Program for Southeast Asia, Singapore.

Choice Experiments in Developing Countries 
Christie, M., I. Fazey, R. Cooper, T. Hyde, A. Deri, L. Hughes, G. Bush, L. Brander, A. Nahman, W. de Lange and B. Reyers (2008). An Evaluation of Economic and Non-economic Techniques for Assessing the Importance of Biodiversity to People in Developing Countries. Final report to Defra: 118.