Small Farmland

Hello everyone. My chosen piece of land is an farmland with about 4 ha size, which belongs to my family. It is set in the north of Germany near Bad Segeberg, where I was born. This piece of land is valuable in so many ways, which I will talk about. First of all it has a small seperated area which my family uses for growing some crops, mainly potatoes and strawberries but also some herbs and spices. When I was a kid we often went there in the weekends to harvest and have a good time. The biggest part of the land has always been tenured to farmers. At the moment there is a farmer holding an old and rare species of sheep. We always allowed an beekeeper to set his colonies on the land and he is rewarding it with delicious honey. Large oaks grow next to the street leading to the land and sometimes we have to cut down parts for safety issues which provides good firewood. At one side of the land there is a small wetland part which is natural reserve. Sometimes one might see water birds like herons resting there. Hope you enjoyed it, best wishes, Gernot

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