4,779 thoughts on “Mark-Schauer

  1. Sandra Serwaa Kyereh

    Hi Mark-Schauer i am glad to be your student and wish to have an interesting studies with you. Thank and have a great day.
    Sandra, Ghana.

  2. Emilio Rascón Alvarado

    Hola Mark. Espero sea una gran experiencia poder intercambiar opiniones sobre este recurso tan importante. Gracias por tu tiempo, siempre.


    I missed your presentation online, because of time overlapping, and lack of equipments. But I hope to hear from you soon.

  4. Natty Nattoye KPAI

    I’m sorry, because I missed the live event. But, I would be very glad to follow you the next days ! thank you very much !

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  6. Ahmed Houssin Mohamed el Fooly

    I find it difficult to meet with colleagues .. please explain how I can meet with them and how to raise the video or image on the site

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