Live-Event: How to Value Ecosystem Services

The economics of land degradation provides you with a set of tools that enable you to value ecosystem services. Hannes Etter, Scientific expert of the ELD initiative, will talk about three preselected evaluation methods. He will elaborate on three case studies in which non-demand-curve approaches,  travel cost, and benefit transfer methods have been used.

Speaker: Hannes Etter, ELD Initiative
Host: Claudia Musekamp, Online Tutor
Date: March 26, 2014
Slides from the Presentation: The Economists Toolbox2

Hannes Etter is responsible for the scientific coordination within the ELD-network, including a broad range of case studies and partners from different institutions. Previous to his life in the ELD-Initiative, Hannes supported the Institute for Environmental and Human Security of the United Nations University, focusing on food security and rural development in West Africa in the WASCAL project.

Hannes Etter holds a Diploma in Geography. Throughout his studies he worked in southern Africa and southeast Asia, with a strong focus on rural development and community land use management and planning.

9 thoughts on “Live-Event: How to Value Ecosystem Services

  1. Kunuthur Srinivasa Reddy

    Ecosystem services by far, are taken for granted worldwide and valued as precious only when they are denied free access. For instance, people young and old alike take a brisk walk in a forest environs and eventually consume pure air for their respiration that contains maximum oxygen due to which they do not experience fatigue even on climbing up a steep hilly mountains. They can never get it in a crowd city environs and feel tired even with minimum walk. But no body pays for this precious air which sustains life on Earth. This is where system changes are to brought in to charge for the ecosystem services in order that the collected cash revenue is spent for cleaning up the environment and to check pollution. Similarly, ‘Polluter to Pay’ principle has to be adopted worldwide to share the cost of purification of land,water and air. People should be made responsible for the safety and upkeep of plant and animal resources duly accountable and transparent. Finally, freebies culture should vanish from the world as it is endangering the quality of governance worldwide.

  2. Alemayehu Nigussie

    I totally agree with your idea, however in Ethiopia when I was working in an NGO called FARM Africa we tried to approach Ethiopian Light and power authority which has a big hydro dam near by the forest we do participatory forest management approach. The forest was endowed with many river which supply this dam with water through out the year. We approach the authority to support us in community organization and livelihood improvement activities for sustainability of the dam in future, however they agree in principle but practically they didn’t act. To finalize my comment, it is really a good idea to involve tourists, schools, universities, etc. to pay like entrance fees for environmental purpose for sustainability of the site.

  3. Hannes Et

    Dear Kunuthur Srinivasa Reddy & Alemayehu Nigussie,
    thank you for your comments.
    @ Kunuthur Srinivasa Reddy: Yes, the adoption and inclusion of Ecosystem Services (ESSs) and their value into governance is a urgent desire. Nontheless, it also bears a political dimension, which needs to be included into the pciture as well. These questions often trigger contovers discussions. Would you like to post this to the discussion forum and see how others feel about this issue?

    @Amayehu Nigussie: The issue of hydropower vs. local sustainability is discussed everywhere in the world on different backgrounds. A case in which mutual benefits could be identified is mentioned in the ELD Case Study 10. Access the full text here:

    If you are looking into tourism and their possible contributions, take a closer look at the Travel cost method, which will also be part of tomorrow’s session.

    Have a great day,

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