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  1. Kunuthur Srinivasa Reddy

    End or ultimate result of any activity is aimed at economic empowerment and enhancement from its current status. Similarly, the same logic is equally holds good and applicable to the issue of global land degradation as well. Human ingenuity and intelligence have infinite potential to realize the mistakes that have taken place in misuse of land resources and to correct the mistakes with commitment and dedication setting a goal fixing a time frame to accomplish this noble task to stall land degradation worldwide adopting techniques of proven precision and efficiency involving people participation. The course online initiated by the UNWUI for Water, Health and Environment has demonstrated its value to trigger the minds of participants of the course who would carry the mantle further by grounding the project plans formulated by them in their respective areas and eventually empower the people to improve and sustain economically their lives with pride and fulfillment of the stupendous task they have undertaken for common good of all.

  2. Yacoubou Kadade

    Le cours en ligne une heureuse initiative qui a peut mettre ensemble un nombre de participants sensibles aux problèmes liés à la protection la conservation et la restauration de l’environnement et qui partagent et capitalisent leurs expériences pour créer des conditions d’amélioration de préservation de écosystème à travers le monde c’est aussi le lieu de plaidoyer pour amorcer un combat global qui sera porteur pour un monde soucieux et respectueux . ce cours de ligne organiser par UNWUI de l’eau ,de la santé ,et de l’environnement amis en contact plusieurs participants qui partagent les mêmes ambitions


      Bonsoir Yacoubou,

      j’ espere que vous allez bien. Vous avez parfaitement raison. Ce cours online nous offre beaucoup d’ avantages entres autres le renforcement de capacites , le partage d’ informations et d’ experiences. De plus cela nous permet de renforcer nos connaissances en anglais pour nous les ressortissants des pays francophones.


  3. Antonia Corinthia Crisanta Naz

    Re: the final assignment, will we continue to use the case study we used in our previous assignment? We do not have the financial costs of development projects such as buildings and road construction in the “with project” scenario. How will we go about this?

  4. Claudia Musekamp

    Post author

    Hallo Antonia,

    yes, you will continue with the case from previous assignment.

    You won’t need the financial development costs from previous case. What you need is the benefits you had from that case and the repeated cost. For the assignment this has to be very simple. If you do not know precious costs make an assumption or an educated guess/estimate

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