Final Projects

Over the span of this MOOC the participating teams worked on the economic valuation of different ecosystems. The teams worked on a case of interest to them and developed an alternative scenario for the current situation of their ecosystem. Participants then carried out a variety of valuation methods to assess the economic costs and benefits of a change in land use practices and come to a decision whether their proposed project implementations were worth undertaking.
Find the results of their hard work below!

"A small project a big step, Paso Grande"

Team: Latin America Working Group
Authors: Marisa Young, Maria Paula Lopardo, Waltraud Ederer,
Luis Manuel Selva Garcia, Carlos Wuerschmidt
Paso Grande [Argentina]

"Assessing the Costs and Benefits of Sustainable Land Management
in Botswana`s Kalahari rangelands"

Team: Southern African Range lands
Authors: Holger Pabst, Nicola Favretto, Till Eichler
Kalahari Rangelands [Botswana]

"Mambai Cerrado Brazil"

Team: Small Farmers in South America
Authors: Erika Wagner, Karen Montiel, Ray Pinheiro Alves, Eduardo Barroso
Mambai Cerrado [Brazil]

"Tuissong Forest Case Study"

Team: Stakeholders
Authors: Guy Merlin Nguenang
Tuissong Forest [Cameroon]

"Vineyards and Tourism in the Niagara Region"

Team: Landuse and climate change
Authors: Elizabeth Philip, Shikha Raj, Navneet Kumar, Prashant Kumar,
Vivek Kumar, Felix Akrofi-Atitianti
Vineyards and Tourism in Niagara Region 1 [Canada]
Vineyards and Tourism in Niagara Region [Canada] 2 Sheet1

Vineyards and Tourism in Niagara Region [Canada] 3 Questionnaire
Vineyards and Tourism in Niagara Region [Canada] 4 Calculations

"Hacienda la Ceiba"

Team: Sustainability
Author: Andrea Gonella
Hacienda La Ceiba [Colombia]

The Lake Victoria Ecosystem: A deeper look into its true worth"
Team: Lake Victoria
Authors: Benson Rwegoshora Bashange, Chanoine Marie, Franz Vockinger,
Janek Toepper, Leah-Rehema Murerwa, Rose Anarfiwaah Oppong, Yacoubou Kadade
Lake Victoria [East Africa]

Restoring Ecosystems to Sustain Local Communities.
Awash National Park, Ethiopia.

Team: Endangered Species
Author: Anna Staneva
Awash National Park [Ethiopia]

"Lake Awasa"
Authors: Bethlehem Hailu, Mekdes Amare
Awash National Park [Ethiopia]

The case of a Fictional Forest in Germany."
Team: Forest
Author: Gernot Gauger
Fictional Forest [Germany]

"Improvement of the land on the Messdorfer Field, owned by the city of Bonn."
Team: ELD Team Bonn
Authors: Franka Berdel, Wolf Berdel, Lena Rzehak, Peter Rabus
Messdorfer Feld [Germany]

"Amansie Central District of the Ashanti Region, Ghana."

Team: Subsaharan Africa
Authors: Suzanne Myada, Andualem Belay, Dawood Abbas, Oliver Kirui,
Nahason Julius Mugo
Amansie Central District [Ghana]

Project Proposal Presented to Thathar Watershed Commitee"
Team: Valuing Eco System Services for Sustainable Land Management
Authors: Radhika Rani Ch, Honghao Chen, Heleen Claringbould,
Mosiuoa Walter Bereng, Raghavendra Rao, Mira Wenzel
Thathar Watershed [India]

"Economics of Land Degradation in Catchments of Jaisamand Lake, Udaipur,
Rajasthan, India. Presentation to Commissioner Tribal Development
and Udaipur Division, Government of Rajasthan, India.

Team: Soil Building Processes in different Land Capability
Author: Deepak Sharma
Jaisamand Lake [India]

"Cost Benefit Analysis of Notorious Dry lands of Ramanathapuram District,
Tamil Nadu, India."
Team: Land Management in India
Authors: V.S. Balasubramanian, Biganenahalli Nanjundaiah Dhananjaya,
Anupriya Pande, Uma Gurumurthy, Dr.Inkarsal Kalai
Dry lands of Ramanathapuram 1 [India]
Dry lands of Ramanathapuram 2 [India]

"Agricultural farmland at Rudrur, Nizamabad district, India"
Author: Dr. R. Vasantha
Agricultural Farmland at Rudrur [India]

Farming Land near Zalewa"
Team: Agricultural Crop land
Authors: Ian Madalitso Saini, Ignasio
Vulci's archeological and natural Park[Italy]

Fencing Mt. Kenya National Park"
Team: Land and Water
Author: Antti Seelaff
Mount Kenya National Park [Kenya]
Mount Kenya National Park [Kenya].2
Mount Kenya National Park [Kenya].3

"Proposal of a new scenario. Sustainable farming for people and nature
in the Chon-Aksuu river basin."

Author: Ludmilla Kiktenko
Chon-Aksuu river Basin [Kyrgyzstan]

"Decision Support Models for Contaminated Site Remediation:
BLB Terminal Case Study"

Team: Site remediation and Clean Up
Author: Juris Burlakovs
Contamination CleanUp [Latvia]

Chapultepec Park. Mexico City."
Team: The importance of Urban Land
Authors: Andrea Valdes, Assia Korichi, Elizabeth Ramirez
Chapultepec Park [Mexico City ]

"Construction of a dam at El Salto Region and Ejido La Victoria"
Team: Economia de los Recurses Narales en Mexico
Authors: José Ciro Hernández-Díaz, Karla E. Segura-Millan,
Yolanda Ontiveros, Emanuel Estrada
El Salto Region and Ejido La Victoria 1 [Mexico]
El Salto Region and Ejido La Victoria 2 [Mexico]

"Economic evaluation of three different types of management
applied to dual-purpose livestock in the region of "Sotavento" in Veracruz,
Mexico, considering the land degradation"

Author: Héctor Daniel Inurreta Aguirre
Sotavento ? Veracruz [Mexico] Presentation
Sotavento ? Veracruz [Mexico] Report

"Valuation of Mangroves in Tampamachoco Lagoon, Veracruz, Mexico."
Team: The Value of Wetlands in a Changing World
Authors: Ana Laura Lara Dominguez, Andre Mascarenhas, Ibrahim AlSaihati,
Liberty Tanangco
Tampamachoco lagoon - Veracruz [Mexico] 1
Tampamachoco lagoon - Veracruz [Mexico] Cost Benefit

"Tropical Montane Cloud Forests in Veracruz, Mexico"
Team: Mexico Sustainable Management Group Mexico
Authors: Kathrin Grahmann, Ana Abigail Aragon Rios,
Alfonso Cortes Arredondo, Perla Ortiz Colin
Tropical Montane Cloud Forest [Mexico]

"The case for a water pricing scheme in Ternata, in the Draa Valley"
Team: Desertification, Land Degradation, Drought, Dry land
Authors: Julian Andersen, Barbara Johnson, Adil Moumane
Draa Valley [Morocco]

Wadi Gaza ? Case Study."
Team: Positive Land Use Change
Authors: Ali Salha, Iva Stamenova
Wadi Gaza [Palestine]

"Camp John Hay, Baguio City, Philippines"
Team: Ecosystem Services
Author: Dr. Antonia Corinthia C. N. Naz
Camp John Hay [Philippines]

South Africa
Kruger National Park"
Team: Politics
Authors: Bettina Benzinger, Punnathon Pudpongpun, Spyridoula Zachari
Kruger National Park 1 [South Africa]
Kruger National Park 2 [South Africa] Questionnaire

"Development of a resort"

Team: Forests
Authors: Cyril Egar, Tymon Mphaka, Julia Dupuis
Mixed Forest 1 [Sweden]
Mixed Forest 2 [Sweden]

"Bwindi Impenetrable National Park"

Team: Sustainable Natural Resource Management in Africa
Authors: Daniel Gebeyehu, Clemens Felix Olbrich, Gertrude Ngabirano,
Paul Bwalya, Louisa, Silvana Builes Gaitán
Bwindi National Park [Uganda]
Bwindi National Park [Uganda] CostBenefit

"The value of Mabira forest to the communities living around it."
Team: Forest
Author: Busuulwa Huthaifa
Mabira forest [Uganda]

"KD's Dream ?
Turning Brown County into a National Heritage Area (NHA).
Proposal to the stakeholders of Brown County.

Team: Culture and Environment
Authors: Kaddy Lane, Florian Bender, Ephrem Santos, Rianne ten Veen,
Ruti Rubis Kanangire, Richmond Narh Tetteh, AnaRiza Mendoza
Brown County State Park [USA]

Xuan Thuy Wetland Reserve"
Team: Land degradation in South East Asia team
Authors: Wisit Ngamsom, Thin Nwe Htwe, Ephrem Santos
Xuan Thuy Wetland [Vietnam] CostBenefit

Proposed plan to improve use of seasonal flooding and the natural resources
in Barotse floodplain system, Zambia

Team: Natural Resource Management
Author: Moses Kazungu
Barotse Floodplain 1 [Zambia]
Barotse Floodplain [Zambia] Log Frame_CostBenefit

"Nansanga Farm Block"
Team: Environmental Modeling
Authors: Karla Segura Millan Rivas, Andrew Chilombo, Dinali Jayasinghe,
Odilon Boris Lokonon
Nansanga Farm Block [Zambia]


98 thoughts on “Final Projects

  1. Ali Salha

    Along with that,
    I still look for the comments/observations raised by the MOOC/ELD tutors about the five presented projects!
    Such comments shall give us insight on what particularly we miss and on what we need to focus more!
    Hope such a request isn’t too late!
    Again, thank you for this great learning experience.

  2. Ali Salha

    One of the suggestions I like to add (to broaden the participation of our course peers): is having a Peer Review Task/Assignment!
    For example, if we have the final projects posted on the board, then each team/group shall have the ability to review other different two/three projects and to provide constructive feedback within a time frame.
    I believe this step is a remarkable one for understanding globally the application of ELD components.
    Best of luck,

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