Final Project

This week, you'll be handing in your final project. 30 teams submitted the last assignment, showing extremely high engagement and dedication to the MOOC. Most of you have already started working on the final presentation. Please note: the assignment is due on May 9, 2014. See more here >Contents

Last week, Dr. Thomas Falk made a fascinating presentation on the Future Okavango. Download the slides here.

This week, we are happy to have Louise Baker of the UNCCD as our guest speaker. She will be discussing her experiences as the UNCCD Senior Advisor for Partnership Building and Resource Mobilization. > Join here

What's next?

This MOOC has helped to develop a close-knit community of practitioners and academics: a network of people that we would like to see expand over time. The website will still be accessible after the course comes to an end, so feel free to keep in touch with your friends and colleagues. You will be able to access all of the course material so that you're able to revisit the themes explored during the MOOC. We are also planning to send out a publication that contains some of your final projects. This Fall, the ELD initiative will release a few new publications and activities in preparation for 2015, the International Year of Soil. The ELD initiative will offer new innovative educational programs in cooperation with partner institutions.

In order to develop programs that are perfectly suited to your needs, please give us your feedback. We welcome all suggestions! You can post your feedback in the>Forum>Weeks>What's next?

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