Ermita Hill: A Land of Hope

Ermita Hill is part of the 196.6 hectares of land situated in Mt. Dibudalan at Sitio Dicaloyungan, Barangay Zabali, Baler, Aurora which was declared as the Aurora State College of Technology (ASCOT) School Site Civil Reservation. It has a plateau covering an area of two (2) hectares and is approximately 40 meters above sea-level. It provides a magnificent view of Baler Bay, Dima-Dimalangat and Aniao Islets. Historical and Cultural Value-- Ermita Hill plays an important part in the history of Baler. It is where the only survivors of the catastrophe “Tromba Marina” (tsunami) fled for safety on the night of December 27, 1735 where the entire old town of Baler was engulfed with sea water. In 1798, when the pirates raided and invaded the coastal areas of Tayabas and Baler, the survivors escaped and hid in the forest of Ermita. According to stories, the pirates failed to track down the locals because they saw a shining light from mountain. It is believed that Sta. Isabel, the Patron Saint in the area, saved the people from the pirates. Social and Economic Value -- Ermita Hill is home to various species of trees, flora and fauna. When the Philippine Civil Service Centennial Forest was launched on September 26, 1997, Ermita Hill bagged the 1st Prize award in Region 4. It was also included among the Top 10 finalists at the National Category. Currently, the plateau is frequented by tourists to take the fascinating view of the Pacific Ocean and the town of Baler. The entire Ermita Hill is suitable for trekking and camping activities.

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