Week 1: What is the value of your land? »
Week 2: Which services does your ecosystem provide? »
Week 3: Who benefits? Who pays? »
Week 4: Economic Tools for Valuation »
Week 5: Your new scenario »
Week 6: A research plan »
Week 7: Carry Out the Research »
Week 8: Continue Your Research »
Week 9: Your Choice »
Week 10: Finalizing Your Project »
Week 11: Farewell to a great MOOC »
Final Projects »


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20 thoughts on “Final Projects

  1. Ali Salha

    Along with that,
    I still look for the comments/observations raised by the MOOC/ELD tutors about the five presented projects!
    Such comments shall give us insight on what particularly we miss and on what we need to focus more!
    Hope such a request isn’t too late!
    Again, thank you for this great learning experience.

  2. Ali Salha

    One of the suggestions I like to add (to broaden the participation of our course peers): is having a Peer Review Task/Assignment!
    For example, if we have the final projects posted on the board, then each team/group shall have the ability to review other different two/three projects and to provide constructive feedback within a time frame.
    I believe this step is a remarkable one for understanding globally the application of ELD components.
    Best of luck,

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