week 7


In Assignment 5, you will conduct a simplified valuation according to your research plan. The assignment is due on April 26, 2014. You won't be assigned another piece of coursework next week.

1. Ask the Stakeholders: You should have developed a questionnaire, or some other useful data collection method. If you chose to use demand-based methods for your valuation, you must now collect your data from the stakeholders.

In some cases, you won't have the opportunity to involve stakeholders at such short notice. If that's the case, conduct your research using your fellow students as stakeholders. Invite your friends and colleagues in this course to take part in our team’s survey.

2. Evaluate the results of your survey to the best of your ability. You do not have to carry out the statistical procedures if you don't have the required statistical skills or infrastructure.

3. If you did not use a valid sample: Which results are likely given you had involved the real stakeholders in your research? Integrate your estimates in your conclusions.

4. If you happen to have chosen Benefit-Transfer or non-demand-based methods, carry out your calculations as needed.

Prepare a short essay (500 words max.) and post it on the etherpad. We will 'harvest' it from there.