week 10


The Final Project consists of the cost-benefit-analysis of your case, your new scenario, and your presentation to the stakeholders. Please note: The final project is due on May 9, 2014.

1. Outline the basic structure of a cost-benefit analysis for your case study. This involves: outlining with-project and without-project scenarios, setting a discount factor, outlining the factors for Sensitivity Analysis. See Week_9 Practitioner's_Guide

2. Make a choice between the two scenarios. Include possible projects or policies that could intervene in the problem of question. Consider the social consequences that a project or policy implementation might have.

3. Present your case study, the choice  and your results in form of a short slideshow, a summary document,  a project proposal or a video or any other appropriate form. You may add an appendix with further material. Please also include the NAMES of the CONTRIBUTORS.

Your case study may be addressed to a stakeholder in the field who needs to be convinced to take action. Stakeholders may be government officials, politicians, farmers,….

4. Please send your assignment by MAY 9 to course tutor, Claudia Musekamp, E-Mail: mooc@eld-initiative.org.

5. For the last live-event on May 14, 2014, we will ask three teams to present their case studies. Please indicate whether you would be willing to do so. Please include the NAME OF THE PERSON to be THE PRESENTER. The presenter needs to have a stable internet connection and preferably a headset linked to the computer. We will do a technical check before the session.