Assignment 4

Next week we will simulate a cost-benefit-analysis for your chosen ecosystem. This economic method is a decision-making tool that will enable you to make a comparison between two scenarios:

1. the scenario that you explored in Assignment 2

2. a new scenario that you will create

The assignment is due on April 12, 2014.

  • Pls read Chapter 3 UNU-INWEH on Cost-Benefit-Analysis.
  • The choice: describe an alternative scenario for your existing case study. Develop a new scenario for the ecosystem described in Assignment 2. The scenario could be a variety of measures: e.g. adapting new land use practice, changing agricultural methods, using the land for a business / factory, excluding the land from use, turning it into a preserved national park, etc. The goal is to prevent (or reverse) land degradation, while improving the livelihood of (poorer) stakeholders.
  • Describe your scenario (approx. 500 words): What measurements are to be taken? Whose livelihood will you improve? What is the time span of your project? Are you going to include transfer payments (tax, subsidies, etc...)? Write a list of factors and items (goods/services) that represent costs and benefits for the two scenarios.
  • The Week_5 Practitioner's Guide_Form will help you to structure the discussion.
  • Note: Think boldly! In this assignment, you should pretend that you have all of the authority, the means, and the competence to better your ecosystem.
  • ...and: Your scenario can not be comprised of the entire land area. You must select and use only a section of the area.
  • Please use the etherpad that you used in Assignment 2. Place Assignment 4 above Assignment 3.