Assignment 4: Develop a Research Plan

You'll need to develop a rough research plan this week. Decide amongst your group which ecosystem service you'll value and choose a research method. It may be the one that you suggested in Assignment 3, but any other suitable method is also okay to use. Then, develop a research plan. Practitioners Guide Research may be helpful.

  1. Choose a research method
  2. Develop a (hypothetical) sampling plan and a means of data collection
  3. If you decide to conduct a Benefit-Transfer, identify at least one “source” case study that allows for transfer and set the method of transfer (point estimate, function) (in this case ignore step 2 and continue with 3)!
  4. Design a short questionnaire or an executable data acquisition set-up
  5. Briefly describe possible sources for biases and scope/ limitations of your study
The assignment (500 words approx ) is due on April 12, 2014. Please post it on the etherpad. We will 'harvest' it from there.