Assignment 2: Your ecosystem’s services

Assignment 2 (part 1) "Your Ecosystem's Services"

Describe an ecosystem, its services, and its primary stakeholders (250 words max.) This assignment is the first of two parts, and is due on March 22.

Since a range of various ecosystems exist, we ask you to join a team that relates to what interests you. See Teams here.

  • Read Chapter 1_3 UNU INWEH
  • Enact a case-study in your team. Agree upon an ecosystem "case" (you may select one of the lands from week 1's assignment). Briefly describe the land's characteristics and services that it provides. For each service, describe the main stakeholders affected. Please also indicate or estimate the number of stakeholders affected.
  • The worksheets of the Week_2 Practitioner's Guide (editable pdf) will help you through the process.
  • You'll get some more information on the upload next week.

For example: Ecosystem Services from Tempelhofer Feld

  • Providing: Community gardens produce food for 1.000 neighbors. This land is a test lab for urban gardening and agricultural initiatives in Berlin and the rest of Germany.
  • Regulating: The Tempelhofer Feld regulates the microclimate in the Tempelhof neighborhood for 250.000 people. It also plays a role in the water household of the city of Berlin.
  • Culturally/ Socially Stimulating: A strong tourist attraction for recreational activities like biking, kite surfing, and skating, attracting 2.000 visitors every weekend. Educationally Stimulating: after-school education in pop-up structures for 2000 kids from the area.
  • Supporting: ./.