About teams

Being a team

Unlike forums a team is not public. The purpose of a team is mainly to work together on the assignments. Besides the course work teams or special interest groups could, however, be built for general discussion in a safe virtual environment.

Joining a team

Each team for the assignments has up to ten members. In your new team, you will see the other members, please introduce yourself to your fellow team mates.

How big is a team?

Each group has up to ten members. This will ensure a team size for the assignments, even if not all of your team members are active. General discussion groups might have more members.

Creating a team 

If you decide to create your own team or group, use the "Create team" button to do so. There are many reasons to start a new team: You like to discuss a particular topic, share an interest or have a group of course mates that you want to work with.  You will be asked to give your team a name and a short description.

Changing teams

You may be a member of several teams. Choose carefully to which you would like to belong because the other team members may be expecting your input.