Civil Society: Empowering Vulnerable Groups to Participate in the Budgeting Processes – Ghana

Participants of the Advocacy Training Workshop

Omega Project Management Foundation (OPMF), a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) from Ghana and Campaign for government of international unity in Africa (Cagintua e.V.), a NGO from Germany recently collaborated with CDD-Ghana under the auspices of GIZ on the 'Commitment for Africa Project' platform to pilot a project titled Empowering Vulnerable Groups to Participate in the budgeting processes at the local level in the Jasikan District of the Volta region of Ghana.

The project was aimed at equipping and empowering the vulnerable groups that comprised of Women and Children, Youth, Persons Living with HIV and AIDS (PLHIV) and Persons with Disabilities (PWD) with the requisite skills and knowledge to actively and effectively participate in the district planning and budgeting processes leading to accountable governance at the local level.

The successful implementation of the project has resulted into the realisation of the following outcomes subject to the set out goal and objectives;

  1. 30 marginalised (women, youth, persons with PWD and PLHIV) have been empowered to advocate for their inclusion in district assembly budgeting processes through training in advocacy, communication and social mobilisation.
  2. The district budget officer has committed to include the trained youth, women, PWD and PLHIV in the budgeting planning within the district assembly system.
  3. The general public has been sensitized through radio programs on their right to engage their respective district assemblies for participatory planning budgeting processes.
  4. An MOU has been signed by all parties including the District Chief Executive as a commitment to ensuring that all parties will play their role in ensuring that subsequent budgeting processes are all-inclusive.
  5. A Community Project Management Community has been formed to ensure the sustainability of the project.

Radio programme at Lorlornyo FM in Hohoe

OPMF/ Cagintua e.V. in the course of implementation engaged extensively with an array of stakeholders that comprised from the traditional authorities, religious leaders, assembly members to opinion leaders within the communities and with the interactions held with them as well as the final findings realised from the piloted project, brought to the fore a considerable number of issues that needed to be dealt with urgently as a matter fact to complement the already existing programs to give full meaning to good governance and accountability at the local level.

The topmost of the issues that have been identified to be dealt with urgently are:

  1. The need to empower the committee of the trained advocates to monitor and participate in the planning and budgeting processes
  2. To advocate for the development of Revenue Sources Database by all district assemblies.
  3. To train the assembly men and women in planning, budgeting and spending processes of the local government.
  4. Training of traditional authorities on participation in local governance.

These issues have been identified as very paramount to the meaningful realisation of the concept of decentralisation and good governance at the local level and ultimately resulting into tangible developments that is identified with the people as their expressed needs. OPMF/ Cagintua e.V. are hereby inviting partners to support finance the completion of these all important project.

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