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TVET, Climate Change and Green Jobs

Dear visitors,

Welcome to our public internet space for “TVET, Climate Change and Green Jobs” on Global Campus 21. “TVET, Climate Change and Green Jobs” is an ambitious International Leadership Training Programme for participants from Lao P.D.R., Indonesia and Vietnam with focus on three “green” business sectors – renewable energies, energy efficient construction and waste water  treatment.

The Programme – an International Leadership Training

The ILT “TVET, Climate Change and Green Jobs” is a Human Capacity Development programme for TVET professionals from Lao P.D.R., Vietnam and Indonesia. The programme is implemented in joint cooperation between GIZ and HRD Korea in the Republic of Korea and in Germany.  The programme conveys information about the interrelationship between climate change, green growth strategies and changes in the qualification of workforce.


The goals of programme

The ILT Programme “TVET, Climate Change and Green Jobs“ is designed to develop competencies of TVET professionals as multipliers. A demand-driven curriculum offers the ILT-participant not only the skills and knowledge of how to develop job profiles in the emerging “green sectors”, but also understand of how adapt existing qualifications of workforce to challenges that arise from transition to green economy within green growth strategies.