Co-Create the change you want to live in the world!

Co-Create the change you want to live in the world!

GIZ’s Academy for International Cooperation (AIZ), the World Bank Institute, Presencing Institute and other partners, invite change makers from all over the world to go on a Leadership Journey by joining the MOOC on “Leadership for Global Responsibility”. The journey starts on March 25, 2014 and will continue for seven weeks. The course is free of charge and open to anyone interested. It is also possible to join the journey at a later point.

Register here.

Participants will get the opportunity to build collaboration by connecting with other change makers, to reflect on the leadership capacities required for [...]

Leadership for Global Responsibility

Need for Responsible Global Leadership

Today many urgent, global and systemic problems threaten the stability of vital ecological, social and economic systems, among them climate change, overexploitation of resources, and continuing poverty. These can be seen mainly as transformational challenges. Addressing them calls for new ways of problem-solving within an international context and requires the collective action of diverse stakeholders, as no single person, organization, country or continent is capable of solving these problems on its own.

There is the need for responsible global leadership that is committed to the well-being of societies and the planet, and capable of transforming collective intention [...]

Open ECBCheck – Quality improvement scheme for E-Learning programmes

While during the first years the global community of „Electronically-supported learning“ was centred mainly on e-didactics, content development and E-Learning technology, more recently the focus has evolved towards quality assurance and international accreditation. An international request was evoking regarding the generation and implementation of quality standards for Capacity Building for E-Learning. The idea for ECBCheck being a low-cost, community based certification for E-Learning in Capacity Building (ECB) was born.

Quality Improvement Scheme for E-Learning Programmes

The service of the Open ECBCheck supports organisations to measure how successful their e-learning programmes are and allows for continuous improvement through peer collaboration and benchlearning. Members [...]

Soil counts – Protect it!

The Economics of Land Degradation (ELD) Initiative is launching a Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) on ‘Options and pathways for action: Stakeholder Engagement’, hosted by Global Campus 21®. This 8 week course begins on May 5th and lasts until June 29th.
It is entirely free of charge, and open to any interested party.

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Please also visit our registration page for more info.

In continuing to support the ELD Initiative capacity-building endeavours, a second ELD MOOC is being offered by the Initiative. Building off the 2014 ELD MOOC, which focused on performing cost-benefit analyses to promote sustainable land management, the 2015 ELD MOOC [...]

Don’t lose the ground under your feet – how to put a price on soil!

What is Land Degradation?

Degradation means the reduction or loss in biological or economic productivity. Land degradation is a serious global concern, especially as fertile soil is practically a non-renewable resource since it takes about 2000 years to generate about 10 centimeters of top soil. Furthermore, cultivated areas worldwide can no longer be expanded except in limited areas. A recent study has found that land degradation has reduced the productivity of the world’s terrestrial surface by about 25% between the periods 1981 – 2003, despite the need for agriculture produce to increase before 2030 to meet the food demand by the [...]

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Der neue IDeL 2010 ist gestartet

Der Startworkshop des spanischsprachigen IDeL fand im Februar zum fünften Mal an der Universidad Técnica Particular de Loja statt. Der neunmonatige Blended Learning Kurs vermittelt E-Learning-Kompetenzen: Die IDeL-Teilnehmenden beschäftigen sich mit dem Overall-Management eines E-Learning-Projekts, der Entwicklung eines Curriculums, der technische Umsetzung eines eigenen Kurses bis hin zur Vermittlung von tutoriellem Know How.

In dem sechstägigen Workshop bereiteten die beiden Tutorencoachs Johanna Meza und Ana Láscaris sowie Software-Tutor Ricardo López 25 neue Teilnehmenden aus 11 lateinamerikanischen Ländern auf die folgende achtmonatige Onlinephase vor. Sie machen sich mit dem Programm, der Lernplattform GC21 sowie Moodle und eXeLearning* vertraut. In Gruppen- und Einzelsitzungen [...]

Saludo inaugural del Centro del E-Learning

Estimados usuarios y visitantes,

hoy inauguramos el nuevo portal público del Global Campus 21. Hemos embellecido el diseño para que los contenidos sean más fáciles de encontrar (tanto para la gente como para los motores de búsqueda). También hemos renovado el proceso de edición, lo que nos permite acortar los tiempos de edición y dirigirnos a nuestro público en sus diferentes idiomas con mayor flexibilidad.

Las páginas nuevas se centrarán en ofrecer información valiosa y dinámica referida a nuestra plataforma y su uso práctico, a los nuevos productos, y a las experiencias y opiniones de personas y organizaciones que habitan nuestra casa [...]

Opening Message from ELC

Dear users and visitors,

today we reveal the new Public Portal of Global Campus 21. We have facelifted the design, to make content easier to perceive (both by people and search engines). Also the editing process has been rebuilt, allowing us to shorten the editing cycle and to address our audience in different languages more flexibly.

The new pages will focus on providing valuable and vivid messages about our platform and its practical use, new products, and the experience and opinions of people and organisations who inhabit our virtual house.

Step by step, we will enrich the portal functionally, to meet the demand [...]

Begrüßung durch das E-Learning Center

Liebe Benutzer/innen und Gäste,

heute eröffnen wir das neue öffentliche Portal des Global Campus 21. Es hat ein Facelift erhalten, durch das die Seiten leichter zu erfassen sind (durch Menschen wie auch Suchmaschinen). Auch der Redaktionsprozess wurde erneuert, um die Fertigstellungszeiten zu verkürzen und unsere Nutzer/innen flexibler in ihren jeweiligen Sprachen zu informieren.

Die neuen Seiten werden sich auf die Vermittlung wertvoller und lebendiger Information konzentrieren: über unsere Plattform, ihre praktische Anwendung, neue Produkte und die Erfahrungen und Meinungen der Institutionen und Menschen, die unser virtuelles Haus bewohnen.

Schritt für Schritt wollen wir das Portal funktionell anreichern, um dem Bedürfnis nach Diskussions- und [...]