E-Learning on GC21 – General Characteristics

E-learning is the kind of application where Global Campus 21 has its greatest potential.

Typical online learning on Global Campus 21 follows a design which combines the advantages of new learning technology, well-proven didactic principles, and practice-oriented content.

Its characteristic features are

continuously available, up-to-date content resources,

a learner-centered, individually paced, interactive learning process,

a group environment providing peer feedback and social experience,

constant guidance by qualified online tutors.

Online learning is often combined (“blended”) with other activities: face-to-face workshops, field studies, project work, and presentation meetings.

Most online courses are produced on behalf of our programme divisions, partly in cooperation with universities, which offer them as parts of their regular curricula. The production is done by skilful e-learning development partners, applying an economic yet powerful authoring technology, with effective involvement of subject matter experts.

SCORM standard compliance assures the re-usability of the courses in other learning environments similar to GC21.

Likewise, third-party online courses can be adopted for GC21 as well, by importing them via the SCORM import interface, or by simple file upload.

GC21 E-Academy for Sustainable Development

The GC21 E-Academy for Sustainable Development is an emerging system of courses and smaller course units developed and maintained by GIZ. They cover a growing range of subjects of broad interest to professionals engaged in sustainable development. Courses are regularly offered by E-Academy staff as stand-alone courses for individual enrolment, and they can be integrated into target-group specific training programmes by our programme divisions and other interested parties.

Browse the E-Academy webpage for a thorougher description of the concept and curriculum:

GC21 E-Academy Start Page

Find more information

For a more systematic overview we recommend the following sources:

The Course Overview page of the GC21 E-Academy website lists those courses which GIZ is currently offering for individual enrolment, both within and outside the E-Academy curriculum.

The Course list of the “e-pol Portal” contains a series of short courses in Development Politics which are permamently accessible via self-registration.

The most recent issue of our comprehensive brochure “Online courses on Global Campus 21″ gives you a systematic overview of courses which have been developed by GIZ in the past few years, until the date of issue of the brochure.