Demo Course

An online course usually consists of learning modules provided in a virtual learning environment on the Global Campus 21. Most E-Academy online courses are facilitated and supported online by tele-tutors. There are also self-paced learning courses available at the GC21 E-Academy.

The courses offered by the GC21 E-Academy are usually structured in ‘learning modules’, which contain the learning materials and are, in turn, sub-divided into units. These modules are combined to form online courses within a workspace on the GC21 that offers additional communication tools, such as a forum, chats or wikis. As an example, please find below free of charge one of these modules which you might use for self-paced learning or simply to get a better picture of the lay-out of these learning materials.

This module is about “Interpersonal Communication”. Please click on the links below in order to open the referring unit in a new window.

Introduction to personal communication
Models of communication
Communication in practice
Non-verbal communication and body language