Cell phones and mobile internet empower people to benefit of information, who otherwise could not access this knowledge because of their living situation. Mobile technologies are a decisive factor for development. They assist work in the health sector and sustainable economy, they facilitate financial services and improved knowledge management. But most of all, they support learning processes. The M-Learning-Portal of the E-Academy shows how mobile services can be developed by means of cooperation.

Go Mobile!

This highly innovative platform is being offered exclusively for members of the ‘Management Skills Group’ (MSG), our Community of Practice for management experts and practitioners from all around the globe. MSG members will benefit from accessing top online resources on their mobile devices:

  • Access the latest community news
  • Exchange ideas in expert chat sessions
  • Develop new concepts and strategies online
  • Network without boundaries

And that’s just the beginning: MSG member will soon be able to improve their skills at a very fast pace while exploring ‘knowledge nuggets’: state-of-the-art mobile learning content. Get a first impression by watching the clip about it.

Knowledge Nuggets – more than just E-Learning

Knowledge nuggets are new skills available at your fingertips: real-world experience and consolidated know-how presented in compact interactive units. They’ll motivate you to interact with the author and your peers. You can do so using the multimedia capabilities of your mobile device – so no need to worry about typing fatigue.

New Smartphone Learning: Manage Virtual and Intercultural Teams

How will the future of our work look like? Today, many executives in the industrialized countries already work in multicultural and virtual teams. More and more, managers in developing countries are affected by this new division of labour too. This new world confronts us with completely new challenges, challenges that can now be explored in both an effective and entertaining way.

The GIZ E-Academy team has developed a special learning setting for the mobile website of the Management Skills Group

Look at the game on our new mobile website. Click here or type this address into your browser: www.gc21-eacademy.mobi (Please note: This game has been developed for smart phones and tablets only. It runs on Firefox, Opera or Safari mobile but not on Internet Explorer.)

Curious about M-Learning?  Here is more Information