Opening Message from ELC

Dear users and visitors,

today we reveal the new Public Portal of Global Campus 21. We have facelifted the design, to make content easier to perceive (both by people and search engines). Also the editing process has been rebuilt, allowing us to shorten the editing cycle and to address our audience in different languages more flexibly.

The new pages will focus on providing valuable and vivid messages about our platform and its practical use, new products, and the experience and opinions of people and organisations who inhabit our virtual house.

Step by step, we will enrich the portal functionally, to meet the demand for discussion and feedback opportunities, personalisation, further languages, and systematic access to campus data.

It is worth recalling that, a few months ago, we opened an important subsite, the “GC21 Compass” (User Support Center), attended by long-standing experts, providing well-sorted knowledge resources around GC21 use, and a moderated forum. And shortly we will have another premiere: The innovated GC21 E-Academy will open its doors, with a considerably extended learning portfolio and customer-friendly face.

And also in 2010, we will celebrate the decennial of Global Campus 21. There will be ample opportunity to remember what our platform stands for, and what it has achieved.

For today, let me say we wish you happy surfing and reading, and we are eager to get your feedback.

Thanks to all those who helped: the editorial team, and Michael Wiese, Ute Bender, Jeremy Crowe, and Sabine Altenburg.

Coming back soon

Jan Grabowski, on behalf of InWEnt’s E-Learning Center.