Local Partnership With A Kick

In 2010 South Africa will host the world’s biggest sport event, the FIFA World Cup – it will take place for the first time in Africa. German experts know from their own World Cup: the organizational skills of World Cup host cities are challenged. Being a host is more than just stadiums and fan parks. There is hardly a communal work field, which is not affected by the World Cup preparations: transport, security, energy, marketing or tourism.

German cities have met well the challenges of the World Cup in 2006. Since 2007, they now want to share their experience with their South African colleagues. The project is called “South Africa 2010 – Germany 2006: Local partnership with Kick!” German municipalities not only provide their expertise in sustainable urban development to African partners – they conversely deepen their knowledge of the partner region. Both partners exchange ideas in order to find solutions to current issues that affect both sides.

To say it more concretely: German experts are consultants to local actors in South Africa. About 70 experts from 13 German World Cup cities and team sites are engaged in the project. They advise on all matters of the World Cup organization. To prepare for their missions, they are trained by the InWEnt “Vorbereitungsstätte für Entwicklungszusammenarbeit” (V-EZ) in cross-cultural and regional topics. Additionally In Germany there will be events on city squares, in stadiums, universities and other institutions – the anticipation of the 2010 World Cup will be combined with information on South Africa’s past and present, development opportunities, problems and successes.

The Global Campus 21 is part of the project. On a special online platform the German experts share their experiences in a closed working space. So they can easily find colleagues who already dealed with similar problems. Together, they can more specifically advise their South African partners. The German representatives thus strengthen the network of German-South African World Cup experts and at the same time make their international know-how and commitment visible in their own community.

The project is being carried out by InWEnt on behalf of the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ), and is part of the German-South African government agreements. It is closely linked with the activities of the Development Co-operations of organisations such as DED, GTZ, KfW and CIM. Together with the InWEnt Regional Office in Pretoria, the Service Agency in the One World (SKEW) is the central contact for this project.