Co-Create the change you want to live in the world!

GIZ’s Academy for International Cooperation (AIZ), the World Bank Institute, Presencing Institute and other partners, invite change makers from all over the world to go on a Leadership Journey by joining the MOOC on “Leadership for Global Responsibility”. The journey starts on March 25, 2014 and will continue for seven weeks. The course is free of charge and open to anyone interested. It is also possible to join the journey at a later point.

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Participants will get the opportunity to build collaboration by connecting with other change makers, to reflect on the leadership capacities required for global responsibility, and to develop their own competencies and meaningful solutions for urgent leadership challenges. The MOOC will support the participants on this journey and provide them with supportive material and tools.

The MOOC’s mission

Today many urgent, global and systemic problems threaten the stability of vital ecological, social and economic systems, among them climate change, overexploitation of resources, and continuing poverty. Addressing these challenges calls for new ways of problem-solving and requires the collective action of diverse stakeholders, as no single person, organization, country or continent is capable of solving these problems on its own. There is the need for responsible global leadership that is committed to the well-being of societies and the planet, and capable of transforming collective intention into collaborative action. At local, national, regional and international levels, we need responsible leaders with a highly self-reflective attitude, advanced leadership competencies and a strong motivation to take rapid, ambitious and innovative action in international networks of diverse stakeholders.

Leadership for Global Responsibility uses the context of international diversity it takes place in as a resource of mutual learning and innovation. The aim of this course is to make transformative leadership training available as an open source knowledge system and provide an accessible platform for collaborative participation by bringing together leaders from government, business and civil society to jointly develop viable responses to the transformational challenges from different perspectives. Also, GIZ seeks to co-creatively improve its leadership development ToolBox based on the diverse cultural backgrounds and leadership philosophies of participants.

The MOOC’s concept

The course will consist of six units, based on the steps of the GIZ Leadership Journey. Besides using traditional course material such as videos, readings, and case studies, the online learning platform GC21 provides interactive gadgets to help building vibrant learning communities.


  • Each Tuesday participants will receive a newsletter with a set of material they can work through on their own pace. By completing a reflective exercise that can be done alone and/or with peers, they can move forward on their own leadership journey.
  • Every Thursday, a webinar will be held by practitioners and leadership experts, among them Peter Senge, Otto Scharmer, and Alumni of the GIZ Leadership programs, which will be recorded.
  • Every Monday there will be an open space session for participants to bring up their questions and deepen their learnings.

These components are combined with peer-graded assignments, and further readings.

The MOOC will offer different levels of participation: participants can just act as curious minds, learning about the leadership approach, methods, and experiences of peers. Or they can contribute by sharing their own challenge they have discovered before or during the leadership journey and ask for support or help someone else who has come up with a challenge. Learners having experience with the leadership journey and the toolbox are also welcome.

The course outline will be as follows:

  • Week 0 (25 March) – Introduction week: Leadership Challenges and the MOOC
  • Week 1 (1 April) – Starting the journey: Leadership Competencies
  • Week 2 (8 April) – Exploring the outside world: Stories from leadership challenges around the world
  • Week 3-4 (15 April) – Exploring the inner world: Exploring the inner world: Values and mindsets for global responsibility
  • Week 5 (29 April) – Enacting the new: Prototyping innovative solutions
  • Week 6 (6 May) – Continuing the journey: Review, next steps and application

In order to meet the requirements and successfully follow the course, participants should plan with a workload of an average of 3-5 hours per week. There is only one prerequisite for participation: bring the motivation to contribute to a profound shift towards principles of sustainability!

User Benefit

Responsible leaders and transformation doers from all over the world will get the opportunity to:





  • Gain a holistic and systemic understanding of the causes and consequences of urgent and complex global problems
  • Further develop their individual and collective leadership competencies for deep change and transformation
  • Initiate a reflection of values and awareness of mind-sets
  • Develop innovative, meaningful and viable solutions for leadership challenges they face in their work context
  • Increase their motivation and abilities to overcome long last in implementation deficits and take innovative action


Upon successful completion, participants will automatically receive badges, provided they have actively and collaboratively taken part in the MOOC. Participants who handed in all assignments, participated in the peer-reviewing will receive a certificate of the GIZ at the end of the course.

Outstanding participants, who use the MOOC to collectively work on innovative prototypes, will get the opportunity to receive an invitation to present this prototype on an international conference in Germany, which is one of the top rewards within the MOOC besides others.


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