Saba Meeting – Sesiones de entrenamiento para moderadores

New and improved virtual training sessions are now available on Saba Meeting in English. They are available for external moderators as well as employees in the GIZ. These sessions aim to provide moderators with cutting-edge techniques, guiding them in the most effective practices for moderation.

Training Sessions in 2018 - Register here!

Registration for GIZ Employees here

What is Saba Meeting?

Saba MeetingSaba Meeting is a product line that helps users to carry out web conferences, virtual classrooms, and webinars. There are several versions of the product, each with their own distinct possibilities for online communication and collaboration. The various options are all custom tailored, and the technology and user interfaces are functional and homogeneous.

Easy to install, Easy to operate

Saba Meeting’s navigation structure is well-organized and easy to use: navigation through its many functions is swift and convenient. Saba Meeting no longer requires lengthy installation processes, it can be initiated directly from your browser! The integration of PowerPoint presentations is also much easier than before. Each image is scaled automatically, depending on the device used. Some of the most interesting (and most utilized) features include:

  • Watch and comment presentations together
  • Text-chat, audio-chat and video-chat
  • Establish permanent groups and open meetings
  • Give feedback: the moderator can either allocate one microphone for use, or use multiple microphones simultaneously
  • Gather opinions quickly using the survey feature
  • Comment and coach with the whiteboard- und highlighting functions
  • Share your desktop and software
  • Record a session for playback at a later date

Find more about the use of Saba Meeting here

or have a look to the moderation tools explained on Video here

Worldwide Access on the Global Campus 21 and Data security

For years, Saba Meeting has successfully improved communication and collaboration on the GC21 platform. It has proved its worth as a web-conference software, trhough its unceasing support and efficient supplementation of the GC21′s E-Learning products. The GIZ operates its very own Saba-Server; This way, it is unnecessary to outsource personal data. Users who want to participate in Saba activities can log in with their GC21 username, ensuring a convenient connection between the two platforms – GC21 for E-Learning and E-Collaboration and Saba Meeting, for online conferences. Most of the online conferences in Saba Meeting can be directly accessed from the virtual classrooms of the GC21. This is especially convenient for the user.

GIZ employees: Please note

Before you attend a session don’t forget your headset!

The Global Campus 21 and its systems, particularly the live collaboration tool Saba Meeting are exclusively designated for projects within the projects for international development. Internal communication [within the GIZ] is made possible by the GIZ’s standard internal software (currently Skype for Bussines).