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Open ECBCheck – Quality improvement scheme for E-Learning programmes

While during the first years the global community of „Electronically-supported learning“ was centred mainly on e-didactics, content development and E-Learning technology, more recently the focus has evolved towards quality assurance and international accreditation. An international request was evoking regarding the generation and implementation of quality standards for Capacity Building for E-Learning. The idea for ECBCheck being a low-cost, community based certification for E-Learning in Capacity Building (ECB) was born.

Quality Improvement Scheme for E-Learning Programmes

The service of the Open ECBCheck supports organisations to measure how successful their e-learning programmes are and allows for continuous improvement through peer collaboration and benchlearning. Members [...]

Soil counts – Protect it!

The Economics of Land Degradation (ELD) Initiative is launching a Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) on ‘Options and pathways for action: Stakeholder Engagement’, hosted by Global Campus 21®. This 8 week course begins on May 5th and lasts until June 29th.
It is entirely free of charge, and open to any interested party.

Register now

Please also visit our registration page for more info.

In continuing to support the ELD Initiative capacity-building endeavours, a second ELD MOOC is being offered by the Initiative. Building off the 2014 ELD MOOC, which focused on performing cost-benefit analyses to promote sustainable land management, the 2015 ELD MOOC [...]

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ComVoMujer: Un frente contra la violencia de género, en un continente extremadamente violento hacia las mujeres

Una vez más este 25 de noviembre se conmemora el Día Internacional de la Eliminación de la Violencia contra la Mujer, fecha que recuerda el brutal asesinato en 1960 de las tres hermanas Mirabal en República Dominicana. Fue en Colombia durante el cierre del Primer Encuentro Feminista Latinoamericano y del Caribe donde se proclamó en 1981 la fecha  conmemorativa y no es casual: América Latina sigue siendo un continente extremadamente violento hacia las mujeres.

Las cifras de la región son alarmantes: Perú reportó oficialmente 130 víctimas de feminicidio entre enero y diciembre de 2010; el Observatorio Manuela de Bolivia registró  157 [...]

GIZ-Programm ComoVoMujer: Gewalt gegen Frauen in Lateinamerika bekämpfen

Jedes Jahr, am 25. November, wird der Internationale Tag der Beseitigung von Gewalt gegen Frauen begangen, um an die brutale Ermordung der Mirabal Schwestern 1960 in der Dominikanischen Republik zu erinnern. Es ist kein Zufall, dass dieser Gedenktag während der ersten feministischen Bewegungen in Kolumbien im Jahr 1981 ausgerufen wurde: Latein Amerika ist nach wie vor ein Kontinent, der extrem gewalttätig gegen Frauen ist. Die Zahlen in dieser Region schockieren: Zwischen Januar und Dezember 2010 verzeichnet Peru offiziell 130 Tötungen von Frauen; in Bolivien registrierte das Manuela Observatorium im Jahr 2011 insgesamt 157 so genannte Femizide, und 97 Fälle waren [...]

ComVoMujer: Fighting against violence in an extremely violent continent towards women

Once again this November 25 the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women will be commemorated, in remembrance of the brutal assassination of the  Mirabal sisters in 1960 in the Dominican Republic. It is no coincidence that it was in Colombia, during the First Feminist Encounter in 1981, that this commemorative date was proclaimed: Latin America continues to be an extremely violent continent towards women. The numbers of the region are shocking: between January and December 2010 Peru officially reported 130 femicide victims; in Bolivia, the Manuela Observatory registered  157 femicide cases in 2011 and 97 cases have [...]