Leadership for Global Responsibility - General

Leadership for Global Responsibility

Need for Responsible Global Leadership

Today many urgent, global and systemic problems threaten the stability of vital ecological, social and economic systems, among them climate change, overexploitation of resources, and continuing poverty. These can be seen mainly as transformational challenges. Addressing them calls for new ways of problem-solving within an international context and requires the collective action of diverse stakeholders, as no single person, organization, country or continent is capable of solving these problems on its own.

There is the need for responsible global leadership that is committed to the well-being of societies and the planet, and capable of transforming collective intention [...]

Don’t lose the ground under your feet – how to put a price on soil!

What is Land Degradation?

Degradation means the reduction or loss in biological or economic productivity. Land degradation is a serious global concern, especially as fertile soil is practically a non-renewable resource since it takes about 2000 years to generate about 10 centimeters of top soil. Furthermore, cultivated areas worldwide can no longer be expanded except in limited areas. A recent study has found that land degradation has reduced the productivity of the world’s terrestrial surface by about 25% between the periods 1981 – 2003, despite the need for agriculture produce to increase before 2030 to meet the food demand by the [...]