Welcome to RDTC

Welcome to electronic hub of the Regional Dermatology Training Centre. Our unit is physically situated within the grounds of the Kilimanjaro Christian Medical Centre at the foot of Mount Kilimanjaro, Tanzania.

This is an International joint venture between the International Foundation for Dermatology and the United Republic of Tanzania through the Ministry of Health, in co-operation with the Kilimanjaro Christian Medical Centre, which is an institution of The Good Samaritan Foundation of Tanzania.

Inauguration RDTC
Inauguration of RDTC by the Hon. Frederick T. Sumaye, Prime Minister of the United Republic of Tanzania, 17th Jan 1997
Founders of the RDTC
Some of the founding members of RDTC (from left to right): Prof. Steven Katz (USA), Prof. Alfred Kopf (USA), Prof. Terence Ryan (England), Dr. Jon Masenga (Tanzania) & Prof. Henning Grossmann.

The unit was established to train medical officers in the diagnosis and management of dermatological, sexually transmitted and HIV diseases specifically in the context of Sub Saharan Africa. Since its first academic year in 1992 about 100 dermatovenereology officers have graduated from thirteen countries across the African continent.

As well as training medical officers and now Dermatovenereology residents, the RDTC also provides a comprehensive Dermatovenereology service to KCMC involving clinical services, teaching for all levels of health care workers and active involvement in research and development.

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