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commons@ip - Harnessing the knowledge commons for open innovation

As part of GIZ's capacity building program Train for Trade, commons@ip focuses on the interaction of intellectual property rights and open innovation, the knowledge commons, open licences and collaborative innovation in Africa.

It provides capacity building and networking on the following issues:

  • Equipping private and public sector in Southern Africa with key knowledge on how the knowledge commons can be harnessed for open innovation 
  • Fostering a more enabling legal environment for open innovation across the region, and mapping trade policy impacts on knowledge for innovation 
  • Collaboration for open innovation & international exchange of private sector actors

Main initiatives of "commons@ip - Harnessing the knowledge commons for open innovation" are :

  • to network IP experts and facilitate dialogue with private sector and other stakeholders, 
  • to provide advanced training on developing national versions of international open licences and 
  • to foster exchange between like-minded countries and regions such as South Africa, India and Brazil.

For more information on the concept of open innovation for development, see background section.

For more information on implementing partners, see partner section.

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