Dialogue with Business about Poverty Reduction and Climate Change
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15th International Business Forum 2012

“Low Carbon, High Growth – Business Models for a Changing Climate” will take place from October 21 to 23, 2012 in the CSIR International Convention Centre, in Pretoria, South Africa.

The 15th International Business Forum in Pretoria 2012

The 15th International Business Forum at a Glance

The conference will provide a platform for success stories of innovative, inclusive business models tackling climate change. Entrepreneurs, intrapreneurs, policy-makers and investors are invited to discuss their concepts and ideas in a public-private dialogue and jointly look for ways of scaling up innovative business solutions and cooperations.

Taking up the recommendations of Rio+20, the 15th International Business Forum will discuss challenges of climate investments from a business perspective and present practical business–led approaches and solutions. The underlying concept is to identify opportunities where commercial objectives align with development objectives and explore new ways of cooperation.

The 15th International Business Forum (IBF) is part of the dialogue series “Investment Climate for Climate Investment -  fostering business dynamics for inclusive low carbon growth" implemented on behalf of the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development and organized by GIZ – Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit.

Announcement 15th IBF 2012 (pdf)

The conference will explore...

New Business Models for a changing Climate…Success Stories of

Low-Carbon Business Models | Adaptation to Climate Change as a Business Case | Inclusive Business Models | Technology Transfer | Climate resilient value chains – a model linking big players and small enterprises | Access to Clean Energy | Energy Efficiency

Key Sectors to be featured at the 2012 event include: agriculture | power & energy | water

How to shape a supportive environment for business models for a changing climate?

Facilitating low-carbon and inclusive businesses through an improved business enabling environment | Business, investors and governments standpoints | Public-private collaboration as a "state of the art" approach? | South Africa and the Green Economy Accord under the New Growth Path

Financing innovative Business Models: Investors and Investments

Bringing together successful business models for a changing climate and (impact) investors.

The outcomes of Rio+20 and the G20. Implications for the role of business fostering inclusive and low-carbon growth.

Who should attend?

The event is designed for (social) entrepreneurs, innovators and intrapreneurs from all over the world. Companies can be active in all sectors where innovation leads to low-carbon growth or adaptation to climate change, from energy provision and infrastructure to agriculture and education. Policy-makers, investors, media representatives and sustainability practitioners are invited to join the International Business Forum.

The event will host up to 250 participants.

The Business Perspective at the IBF

The dialogue series discusses the challenges of climate investments and inclusive growth from a business perspective. The focus lies on identifying, analyzing and upscaling successful business models in the field of climate investments and inclusive low-carbon growth. The 15th IBF offers many opportunities to business representatives to present their business cases and ideas, to develop new approaches for cooperation and to get in touch with financing institutions and representatives of public institutions.

More information for business representatives can be found here


Business at the IBF

The International Business Forum 2010-2012 discusses the challenges of climate investments from a business perspective.

More information for business representatives

Self-Study “Business and Climate Change”

GIZ E-Academy offers a self-study course on the topic “Business and Climate Change”. Please follow the link to participate:

Self-Study Course


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